Regarding Covid-19

These are strange times, bringing - or, should I say, forcing - choices of whether we wish to ask questions about the narrative communicated through public and mainstream media outlets; or wish to trust that it is best to leave it to other people, with titles and roles as public servants, to decide - to a great extent - how we live our lives.

I myself belong more to the first category, if laying down any blatant line of separation: there are nuances, with various approaches. But I question the whole "Covid-19-scheme", and am grateful to all the deep-dives into aspects of my own life - and my own perception of reality (also regarding health) - that this has brought with it since March 2020.

This may sound strange for some, others might resonate with it. Either way, I choose to take responsibility for myself, and my approach to life; and expect others to do the same.

I have come closer to breaking with the systems that make me feel trapped: leading to me taking a big step towards establishing laws I wish to abide by in my own life. This also affects the way I interact with other men and women, when I offer to help: through my qualifications in homoeopathy - with my life experiences as important guides, in addition to education, seminars, resources I acquire and engage in, and so on.

If you wish to, and choose to, collaborate with me, this can only happen as a man or woman: as described in these terms. And when we meet online or face to face, the same framework applies - as described in the terms mentioned.

That being said,

I experience the guidelines outlined by the authorities as superfluous, seeing as I expect everyone who chooses to collaborate with me to take responsibility for their own choices and the consequences of these; just as I take responsibility for my choices and the consequences of these:

If you are at risk of serious course of Covid-19, as described by our public servants; or you live with someone at risk; you should, according to the authorities, only make use of the online consultations I offer; whether you decide to follow these guidelines or not I leave up to you to decide, as man or woman responsible for yourself and your choices; you choose whether you book an appointment for online-consultation or in person;

If you feel unwell, and are worried of being affected, or affect others, negatively; given your circumstances and people you interact with in your condition; you can always choose to cancel or change your appointment; when cancelling more than 24 hours prior to your appointment, any donation you have made is returned to you; unless we agree that it will go to another appointment;

If I do not feel well, or am worried about being affected, or affect others, negatively; given my circumstances and the people I interact with in my current condition; I will get in touch with you as soon as possible to cancel or change your appointment; we agree on whether you donation will go towards another appointment, or be given back to you;

If you choose to book an appointment for a consultation in person, I expect polite and decent behaviour, with mutual respect for our personal boundaries;

If you do not wish to shake my hand, you are in no way forced to; simply signal this to me if I indicate a wish to shake hands with you;

If you wish to use the bathroom and or wash your hands you are welcome to do so, and are hereby noticed that I do not use antibacterial hand-sanitisers; if you wish to use antibacterial hand-sanitisers (apart from washing your hands) you are welcome to bring this with you;

If you wish to sit further away from me than I have prepared for our session, you tell me; and we increase the distance between where I sit and where you sit;

I strive to keep my surroundings clean and tidy, with a presentable space to greet individuals who wish to work with me - with the benefits this may provide for them; this is the case no matter what guidelines are communicated by our public servants;

If you wish to collaborate this happens in private, and not in the public; this delimitation has been made clear in the above mentioned terms, and I, expect you, to respect this; if you do not accept this, I ask you to please leave this website, and not seek out a collaboration with me;

If you accept my terms and expectations of you, you are welcome to book an appointment; whether you choose to meet in person, or online via Zoom