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Abscesses/boils. Allergies. Anaemia. Anxiety/fear. Appendicitis. Backache. Bedwetting. Birth. Bites/stings. Bleeding gums. Blisters. Breastfeeding. Broken bones. Bronchitis. Bruises. Burns. Chickenpox. Chilblains. Colds. Cold sores. Colic. Constipation. Corns. Cough. Cramps/convulsions. Croup. Cystitis. Cysts. Dehydration. Depression/downhearted. Diarrhoea. Dizziness. Earache. Exhaustion. Eye inflammation. Eye injuries. Eye strain. Fever. Flatulence. Flu. Food poisoning. Gallstones. Gastric flu. Genitals. Genital warts. Grief. Hair loss. Headache. Head injuries. Heartburn. Hernia. Herpes. Hoarseness. Hot flashes. Impetigo. Indigestion. Injections/vaccines. Injuries. Irritability/anger. Jetlag. Kidney stones. Labour pain. Measles. Menopause. Morning sickness. Mouth ulcers. Mumps. Nausea. Nails, cracked. Nosebleeds. Overstretch. Pelvic inflammatory disease. Peptic ulcer. Periods/menses. Piles/haemorrhoids. Pimples. Pneumonia. Pregnancy. Prickly heat. Puerperium. Ringworm. Sciatica. Shock. Sinusitis. Skin eruption. Sleep disturbance. Sore throat. Splinters. Sprains. Stiff neck. Strains. Styes. Sun-/heatstroke. Teething. Tennis elbow. Tetanus. Thrush, genital. Thrush, oral. Toothache. Travel sickness. Urinary tract infection. Urination, involuntary. Urine retention. Vaginal catarrh. Varicose veins. Voice loss. Vomiting. Warts. Whooping cough.