Hi! My name is Marianne

I have qualifications and education in homoeopathy: the main thereof being my graduation from The School of Homoeopathy in England.

I believe that good health and wellbeing is derived from within, and experienced positive changes for myself by focusing on natural medicine - and my body's innate intelligence/healing abilities - for optimising my health and dealing with symptoms.

It has become a passion of mine to contribute to others' experience of the same!

I used to (mainly) offer homoeopathy services. Now, I am more passionate about those sate, deep and intimate meetings between individuals - offering growth and release through mirroring and support.

Services & resources

In addition to 1:1 mirroring & support, I offer numerous homoeopathy resources: for anyone wishing to stock up on homoeopathic remedies, and learn to use homoeopathy for themselves and loved ones in everyday life.