My time at SOH

The years I studies at the School of Homoeopathy (SOH) were challenging, and incredibly fulfilling. My horizon expanded - more than it already had through my own health challenges: and  the numerous conventional, and eventually "alternative" (natural), approaches I sought out.

My view of health, life, freedom became bigger - more "magical"? Not as in hokus-pokus, but as in the wondrous acknowledgement of our beingness here on earth encompassing so much more, as part of nature, than I have learnt growing up; when initiated into all the systems we have created in our societies, to "manage" us all ...

When I look back at "me" pre-homeopathy-studies, there is a great change as compared with "me" now. But, actually, when I look back at "me" only a few years back, there is a significant shift compared with "me" now. My inner journey has leaped several steps. My views of health, life, freedom have changed anew: become bigger? More spacious, encompassing even more? While at the same time, "simpler", in a way?

As one of my fabulous tutors at SOH expressed, "homoeopathy is simple, but not easy": there are simple principles, but it is a challenge to master it. Kind of like e.g. meditation (for many of us, at least): simple principles - do not let your thoughts lead the show whilst you sit quietly and listen inwards --- more challenging in practice?

I am not saying that homoeopathy is meditation. But we are talking energy; frequencies; digging into our great depths in chronic conditions, and responding more swiftly to the more clear and intense signals we receive from our bodies in acute ailments. To put it short (and incomplete).

Before, during and after my SOH-studies, I felt eager to help others with what I have learnt. I wished to contribute to others' experience of homoeopathy as an approach to increased health and thereby freedom; creative expression without hindrances; in accordance with the inner driving-/life force.

Even my wish to help, and contribute, has changed. As with my perception of homoeopathy as a tool, it has been through a pretty hefty merry-go-round in my inner-truth-grinder. I finally feel like I have landed on a conclusion of sorts:

"External" measures or strictly patience and inner process?

"A pill for anything that ails" ... well, homoeopathy is mostly administered as pills. Though, usually this saying is aimed at conventional medications.

Still, the past few years I have churned a lot on whether homoeopathy is strictly necessary? Whether it is necessary with any "external" intervention at all? Or do we need to focus exclusively on full surrender to our body's abilities?

I have written more about my reflections on our self-healing abilities in this text. Here and now I wish to address my own doubts about homoeopathy's role in the healing process: and the place I have settled on homoeopathy encompassing for me, in my life and in my work.

It helped a lot to speak with a homoeopathy-colleague/former study buddy about homoeopathy - and our experiences. Also, participating in Jeremy Sherr's webinars helps: in his addressing important aspects of homoeopathy in a sobering way; so that I can continue to develop my capabilities of applying homoeopathy - for myself, and in support of others.

My doubt has derived mostly from an increasingly strong belief in that all the answers and keys to what we need, lie inside ourselves. And, if I truly belive and feel this strongly - which I now do - where does homoeopathy fit in?

I do not believe that there is anything wrong with our bodies. I believe that our bodies have amazing abilities, with great capacity for adjusting to whatever we and the surroundings expose it to. However, I acknowledge that I choose to not eat great amounts of refined sugars during the day, if I wish to take care of my body. Likewise, I do not drink fountains of coffee during a day, if I wish to take care of my body: I actually need to be quite moderate with coffee in order to avoid negative effects (which I fully realise the benefit of after having refrained from it a while - as with so much of what we consume).

In the above examples, the answers are still there inside our bodies: but the body can only communicate them to us when we listen - when we adjust to its teachings - and thereby make the necessary changes and adjustments to e.g. our diet.

Regarding homoeopathy in a similar fashion, the picture becomes "bigger":

Frequencies in the body ⇔ frequencies in homoeopathy

"Like cures like". Homoeopathy =

  1. Similars
  2. Totality
  3. Individuality
  4. Less is more

A tiny amount of any substance will cure a totality of symptoms that is similar (enough) to that it can cause in a healthy individual; as long as the similarities are based on uniquely individual indications

Or, expressed in a different way:

A tiny amount of a dynamised substance will cure a totality of symptoms that is similar to those unique symptoms it can cause in healthy individuals

This does not mean that we, and our bodies, must take homoeopathy in order to be healthy - in balance - free from inhibitions. But, homoeopathically prepared remedies may contribute greatly in getting us there: even getting us all the way, if we are able to combine inner work with the choice of homoeopathic medicines that match our body's signals.

"Homoeopathy is the answer"?

I think most who have studied homoeopathy and experienced the turn-around (from these tiny pills or drops) of pain/suffering/ailments into increased energy, calm, creativity, joy -

- though not necessarily free of the initial purging-processes, with acceptance and letting go of whatever resurfaces -

- have had thoughts along the lines of "homoeopathy is the answer to all ailments"!

I know I felt that way during my studies, and during the first few years of practicing homoeopathy: if only I find a remedy that matches well, then voila: all issues are cleared from the body, mind and soul.

And, sure, these experiences can happen.

But I still believe it happens only when we are willing to embrace the greater responsibility for our life and wellbeing: with all the inner searching, self-acceptance, self-love and trusting that we are being held by something greater than ourselves when daring to let go --- daring to lean back into surrender, to everything within, and everything we are a part of "outside of ourselves".

I am not thinking of those acute situations: that dose of Arnica montana (Arn) we take if we are injured; that dose of Aconitum napellus (Acon) we give the child who barely has time to shut the door after having played outside in cold winds without a hat, before a high fever appears suddenly; or the dose of Ignatia amara (Ign) that we give to the individual who is completely incapacitated from recent overwhelming grief.

I am thinking of those lengthier processes; the chronic ones; where we are working our way through anything unresolved from the past: maybe with one remedy matching everything that resurfaces, or maybe with several remedies that each fit a layer of what has manifested and been stuck in the body.

It is tricky to select a remedy that can act deeply, in someone who is unable/does not dare or allow themselves to open to all their inner creeks and corners --- with (emotional) trauma and coping mechanisms hidden away ---  so that the honest, real and raw expression of what these feel like when allowed to emerge, is not accessed: lacking the heroic strength, trusting that we become more free every time we dare to feel into it;

However, when we dare to do exactly that: dare to allow our vulnerability the driver's seat, going one step at a time, in a safe environment - and perhaps receiving mirroring and support from someone we trust - the individuality becomes clearer; the distinctive characteristics that the body communicates through the symptoms, that we are able to voice when being patient - listening to the body, rather than attempting to analyse it with our minds;

Then we can match these inner truths/bodily messages with one or several homoeopathic remedies that truly express the same sensations --- thereby providing deeper support and upheaval from the remedies' stimuli, when the body can respond with more effective purging and healing than it would have done without this tool.

Simple, but not easy

As with homoeopathy, so with a lot - most - other things; I think.

The answers wee seek, the dreams we wish to manifest, the barriers we attempt to overcome:

I belive that the solutions are simple --- the same simple solution, perhaps? --- but not easy: it is not easy to dive into the unknown, at least not to begin with;

seeking support in safe spaces is, in my experience, invaluable --- daring to share of one's inner experiences with others, embracing one's own vulnerability = strength ...

Then, as it becomes more familiar - safer - more intuitive: relaxing and listening inwards to the body rather than the mind, and finding answers there, inside, and not outside in something/someone else's opinions.

My conclusions, of where homoeopathy fits in; and where I wish to fit in with what I offer; is as a safe and supportive embrace that can contribute with:

  • lowering the threshold towards regained balance, in the totality of body+mind+emotions+soul
  • mirroring back with compassion, for greater insights and recognition of own beingness/adaptations
  • directing the attention inwards - fully focused on you - freely and honestly

All this to allow the great strength that resides in us all, that we (as I see it) have never learnt to embrace (before being pressured to learn so much else), can emerge steadily as we feel ready - and fee enough in ourselves - to receive it fully.

So, yes, I believe homoeopathy has an important role - for acute ailments and chronic alike. I will continue to expand my knowledge base and experiences with homoeopathy as long as it feels meaningful to me;

hand in hand with all the inner workings I focus on day to day, moment to moment