Here is info about how, and why, I wish to make resources I offer freely available to anyone - no matter the size of compensation I receive


I have done yet another round of changes on this homoeopathy-platform that I am creating: in accordance with changes in my own values, truths and views on reality

What does this entail? In shorter terms:

  • No log-in/user registration to access the homoeopathy-resources I share
  • No locked content, demanding a fixed donation value before access is given - this in now completely based on integrity and trust
  • I am letting go of the control (reins) - offering my gifts freely, trusting that what I need in return will be given to me: in order to continue to give of what I wish to share
  • Have you seen those sale-points along the road, where you can help yourself to food directly from farms, leaving it up to you to give/pay for what you take?

In longer terms:

From business (contracts) to value exchange (gifts)

Shop → gifts offered freely, trusting donations as thanks for sharing my timeefforts and property

My Dad told me of a restaurant in Stockholm, which operates without fixed prices. People enter the restaurant wishing to accept what is offered - food, drink and a place to enjoy a meal together;

But there is no set price on the menu: on their way out, each guest is encouraged to give the value that they themselves consider the meal/visit being worth. And, you know what? The guests give enough to sustain the offer.

Does this restaurant still exist? I have no idea. I do not know the name of it, either - and several years have past since my Dad told me about it.

But the "concept" - the value set it is built on, with the human-to-human relations as the foundation - this I wish to incorporate.

What if, I can offer freely what I wish to give - to other people; and then, when others of humankind value what I give, and experience it as enriching - they will wish to give in return, as an appreciation of me sharing freely with them?

So, for this platform: you "enter the restaurant" through the pages you visit, and "on your way out" you give according to the level of enrichment you have received from the content I share


Perhaps it will not work ... perhaps I will that individuals visit the platform I am creating, download every bit they can find, and then gleefully marvel in getting their hands on a pile of resources without having to give anything themselves.


But I do not believe so.

Perhaps a few, but so be it.

I believe, and hope, that most individuals will feel my intention behind sharing the gifts that I offer: wishing for freer exchanges of value between people, with great emphasis on the importance of acknowledging ones own integrity in encounters like this.

Some have a lot, some have little. Some may donate more to me for the value I give, some may donate less. That is fine by me - we all know our own life situation best.

Some may choose to give a larger one-time donation, and then visit the resources again and again - not wanting to give several subsequent donations.

Some may choose to donate for each resource in turn when they make use of them, to spread any strain on their own reservoirs - or because they are unsure whether they will make use of other resources.

Some may postpone donating, but remember to revisit the platform and give a donation - when their circumstances allow for it.

So, what do you think of this trust-based setup?

Fear (of sparsity) begets (fear of) sparsity?

I do not wish to be driven by a fear of sparsity - a fear of not having enough - a fear of not receiving from others as much as I give to them;

I believe in a freer existence - that we, humankind, can create together. And I belive it is on its way, for those wishing to seize the opportunity - and partake in creating the reality we wish to live in: with freedom, love, integrity and responsibility for own choices and actions as foundational pillars.

For I do not wish to give my (tacit or implied) consent to living my life in a way that has been decided by someone else. I do not wish to offer what I want to give/share with others in a way that has been decided by others - when it does not feel right to me.

I belive that less demands - less force - less pressure from societal norms - more freedom - more creativity -

will allow for more energy, creation, community and value exchanges that in and of themselves create even more value for all;

resulting in abundance that can then be given to those in need - rooted in love and compassion rather than forceful rules and regulations (with a threat of punishment lurking in the background).

Your choice!

These are some of my thoughts and values as of now: which make up the reasoning behind my "opening up" the content on this platform to anyone who choses to freely visit it.

You do not have to agree with me, of course!

But, to access what is offered here on this site, it is important that you accept the laws that i, have set for this site;

If you do not, there are plenty of other platforms/sources for you to visit instead.