Use of this website

Any wo/man using visiting this website does so in their own right, and thereby accept the following laws of this website:

This website is shared by I: a woman; Marianne Borchgrevink Claussen, on an "as is"-basis; I, and others of mankind offering our time and property through this website;

I, regard this website and all information on this website as property of I, and or those of mankind contributing to create it;

You enter this website as wo/man only;

I, as a woman, can only speak to you as man or woman;

To use this website you hereby agree to be responsible for your own actions and consequences of how you make use of knowledge you can acquire here;

These laws apply to any resource or service offered by I, that can take place in any physical location;

To take part in online or offline appointments and events offered by I, you agree to take full responsibility for all your circumstances and emotions, and to not attempt to make I, or other wo/men involved, responsible for the circumstances and or emotions as mentioned;

When you donate as compensation for the time and or property of I, through this website, you do so as a man or woman;

All donations are given before time or property is shared, if not otherwise explicitly agreed;

I, expect you to respect the time of I, as I regard it as precious, and I, will not continue to give of my time whenever this is not respected;

If you register on this website you are responsible for all activities taking place from your account; you take full responsibility for information you share via this website, including when you use the booking-system; I, reserve the right to terminate your account or remove content you share based on the discretion of I;

Any property created by I, I, lay claim to as the property of I; you agree to not share, or sell, the property of I, without the explicit written consent of I;

Any information you share to this website, you share in private; I, regard information you enter to this website as your property; I, respect your property and store it in private; I, do not save details online, other than information submitted for receiving newsletters, booking appointments and giving donations for services and resources offered by I; I, do not save credit card details;

You accept that I, use information on your computer's hard drive in the form of so-called cookies, that you can remove or decline at any time;

You can ask for a copy of all information I, have about you; you can also ask that I, delete your information;

I, reserve the right to change these laws from time to time when I, see a need for it, and your continued use of this website will signal that you accept any adjustment to these laws; I, therefore advice you to read these laws regularly;

These laws form parts of the agreement between you, man or woman, and I: a woman; Marianne Borchgrevink Claussen, and all other men or women sharing of their time or property with you through this website; you use of this website indicate your acceptance of these laws; if you do not accept these laws I, ask you to leave this website immediately;

For questions regarding these laws you can send an e-mail to

Resources and services

The gifts from I, are given freely and any donation is completely voluntary; if you chose to interact with I, in any way, or donate to I, this happens completely without reservations and from your free will; on your own risk; and with the understanding that any outcome is beyond both your control and the control of I;

Therefore you will not hold I, responsible, or other wo/men offering our time and property through this website, in case of your own experience of upset, misunderstanding or harm; because of contact with, participation in or use of information, events or products related to these;

If you choose to use services or resources via this website it is you, as man or woman: who is responsible to read these terms carefully; and to open and read e-mails sent to the e-mail address you have submitted;

It is your responsibility to be aware of how your chosen method of donation will work for you, before you exchange any value with I;

I, do not accept any responsibility for your disposal of your time and or technical circumstances regarding donations to I;

I, do not give refunds for donations, unless you cancel appointments well ahead (minimum 24 hours prior to an appointment); I, do not offer exchanges or transfers; and I, do not offer credit; when you donate for service(s), you are responsible for conveying clearly which service(s) you are donating for; and, you accept that you can not cancel this exchange of value;

Any exception from these terms happen solely on the discretion of I, when I, consider each individual case

Medicine and health

I, offer resources and services with no claim to change or cure you; I, am not an allopathic doctor, alternative therapist, therapist, homoeopath or subject to any other title; I, am a woman: sharing my time, knowledge, qualifications and property; based mainly in my homeopathy qualifications and experience;

Your actions, choices and decisions (or lack of them) are completely your responsibility;

When you, choose to engage with I, and the property of I, through resources and or services offered by I; I, strive to contribute in the way that I, consider as best; but it is you who are responsible for the use of information and guidance shared by I; and any consequences of these