Homoeopathy set aside

I am setting homoeopathy aside

Homoeopathy is no longer my main focus - or main path. Maybe it has never been my main path, but rather part of my process towards the road I am meant to venture - in search for what I have to offer? To learn about health, wholeness, nature: my entryway into the greater, deeper, omnipresent - that I had not encountered before my health challenges opened my horizon to "the alternative".

I have not stopped viewing homoeopathy as a valuable tool for supporting the body in healing processes. But I feel my passion, my inner flame, burn stronger for working with individuals without any form of intervention except for compassion, support, mirroring. This has emerged for me over time, over the past few years. I have eagerly dived into aspects, themes and knowledge that is not homoeopathy - and felt heavier when embarking on the next homoeopathy resource, or spending hours on derived on a well-indicated homoeopathic medicine for the individual who has put his/her faith in me: which used to feel so much more rewarding!

Maybe my eagerness will return at a later stage: for my role in sharing and offering with homoeopathy as the approach. But as of now, I must honestly declare that there are other flares that I wish to allow to burn stronger and freer:

I want to dive deeper into the large aspect of trauma, and how it affects our health - and thereby freedom. I wish to share of what I have learnt and experienced about our fantastic ability to grow bigger, when daring - and allowing - to accept and receive all that resides in us: the dark, scary, hurtful, tender - and the strong, powerful, vulnerable, expressive, creative, creating, loving that grows bigger when we embrace all parts of ourselves.

And, I wish to share of all I have learnt, and am still learning, related to the law of i: the woman (or man, if you: are a man). In this area I know I can contribute - especially in Norwegian, as there are wo/men who have expressed the wish for me to dare allow my voice to be heard - that I communicate what I feel burning strongly on the inside, from my heart.

What does all this entail, really?

I will not lie, the past four years have been challenging: attempting to reach others with my homoeopathy services and offerings. There have been som positive surges, but not enough for the confirming flow of energy/money inwards - there has been way more outwards. I have tried to give, give, give: with the tools, models, methods and advices I have sought from more experienced individuals in homoeopathy. But even though I have helped numerous women, men and children over the past years, my energy has not grown in my homoeopathy work - rather the other way around;

But I have retained such a tight grip! I have not let go, even though my eagerness, passion, joy and energy has grown in my meeting with permaculture - that I can now see some results of outside in the garden; in my meeting with knowledge that allows me to present the law of i: the woman, allowing me to confront the fear of authorities outside of myself, and thereby feeling stronger and freer - with a combination of passion and calm in my wish to share this with others; and, in my meeting with insights into what resides in us wo/men - as unique individuals - with enormous potential to create and grow, together and individually.

I want to let go - not keep such a tight grip any longer. I feels like such a release to say that: you know what? I am not going to focus on homoeopathy any more - at least not for now. I will not share any more remedy pictures, at least not in the nearest future. I do not wish to derive at homoeopathic medicines for others, at least not before having dug deeper into the inner layers: which in and of itself can open up for freer flow, energy, healing and freedom to create. If my wish arises for match whatever comes up in the session with a homoeopathic remedy, I can invite it in there and then: but it has to be from a genuinely inspired place - from my intuition - and not from a predetermined "solution to a problem", which to me feels heavier; which to me no longer honers the fact that we have everything we need right here, in and of ourselves.

I know, that was not very precise, either; but I am getting there:

I am (at least for now) ceasing to offer homoeopathy services. I may invite it in, if sessions with individuals seem to call for it, but this is no longer a particular offering from me.

I focus on sharing the knowledge I experience as powerful and liberating, though at the same time confronting; and invite those who resonate with me to book appointment(s) for discussion, support and mirroring on these aspects - or whatever else their inner heart chords feel that I can contribute in holding a safe space for diving into.

I leave the homoeopathy resources out in the open, as they are: some may still benefit and enjoy browsing through them - though there will probably not be any new ones (for aa while at least). I think there was a reason for my inclination to make room for a bigger concept than "Ringsaker Homoeopathy", when I shifted homoeopathy to the subdomain of "naturligfrisk.no" - which means naturally healthy in Norwegian; even though I did not see it that clearly then (and perhaps still cannot see the greater picture that will grow from it).

I think there is a reason that the voices I have listened to the most these part years, and incorporated knowledge and insights from over time, have focused on all that we have within: and the uniqueness in each and every voice, in each and every individual's gifts and contributions to our collective existence in this life. I am meant to find my voice. I am meant to allow my gifts and contributions to grow forth in me, and become braver in letting my voice - and my vulnerability - and my strength - be heard, seen and felt by those who need to be touched by me: as I am touched by those who reach me with their voices and gifts.

This is scary. This is exciting. Whether this becomes big and free enough for energy (including money) to flow freer in my life immediately, or whether I find other work alongside to support the processes that I am in, time will show: I choose to dare - at least try to dare, fully, completely - to trust that my heart, and what I feel my energy/frequency burning for the strongest and brightest, will be the inner guidance I need; in harmony with the nature that I am part of.