Falls & blows on icy trails

I was on my usual walk via Bjørgeberget yesterday, pleased with the few degrees on the plus-side of the thermometer - encouraging me to yet again wear my barefoot-sock-shoes! They provide next to no isolation, but with two layers of wool I still manage fine - despite my easily chilled feet (as long as I am on the move!)

Anyway, just as I was considering the impressive grip of these sock-shoes, I was apparently less aware of where I placed my feet (I am a coward on icy trails, so this was literally a slip-up):

Suddenly, none of my feet touched the ground anymore;

My lower back was first to receive impact;

Then, my head was jolted onto the surface with the momentum from the first blow to my hips/sacrum.

Potential head injuries and concussions should of course be examined, whenever worried/suspicious of more than bruising/bumps!

Careful physical examination, scans, 48 hours observation (with waking during the night) are some measures that may be relevant.

Arnica = #1 for first aid of injuries

Well, it happens! I have hit the ground before, and am the proud owner of two concussions in my records: one from a fall to stone floors, and one from a fall on an ice rink. I felt a familiar sensation in my head --- has this ended in a concussion, too? But, I did not loose consciousness, so I am probably ok!

Still, I do not move for a few seconds, before feeling brave enough to stir the body: a bit worried of what I will feel;

A mini-wave of nausea, somewhat dazed, but no severe pain anywhere;

Abrasions in my palms (good thing we have reflexes!), sore aching in hips/lower back, but my head seems to have been spared some of the impact due to my ear warmers/headband and ponytail (phew!)

Back home (luckily it was not far to go) I immediately walk to my apothecary chest, and find Arnica montana (Arn) 1M. I make a note of the potency and time, before rinsing and bandaging the palm with slight bleeding from a wound.

I double check symptoms and warning signs for concussions, and feel sure that I am in no need for hurrying to the emergency room. Also, I check out a few additional remedies that may be of use for concussions/blows to the head, in case symptoms occur/intensify that indicate other remedies than Arn.

Half an hour later, I take Arn in the 10M potency; to give my body a powerful stimulus for preventing bruisingswelling and any after-effect of the brain-jiggling. Before going to bed I repeat Arn 1M.

So far, so good: no sign of bruising! Sure, I feel some aching here and there; and it seems like Arn may have triggered som bruised sensations stored in my body tissues from earlier --- if not part of the shock my body received earlier in the day?

Day 2

Wo-hoo, my body feels kinda beat a few places when getting out of bed! But, no severe pains anywhere, and only slight bruising on my lower back/the are of the sacrum. Lucky I did not land on my tailbone! And, lucky my head was cushioned!

And, lucky that I have Arnica - made from the known and dear medicinal plant wolf's bane/leopard's bane - in several potencies: that I am in no doubt of having contributed to the prevention of bruisingswelling and discolouration; as well as soothing/preventing pain.

I take another round of Arn 1M, prepared to take it easy for a day or two (or three) - allowing my body (and head) to fully recuperate: even though I do not feel any strong indications of anything having gone wrong - better safe than sorry!

During the evening I also take a single dose of Rhus toxicodendron 200C, and Ruta graveolans 200C; as my neck feels bruised from the whiplash-like-jerk in my fall.

Always prepared, with a well-equipped homoeopathy-remedy-stock!