Feedback from a Hobby-Homoeopath

Below you can read the feedback I received at the end of an email, from a Hobby-Homoeopath who succeeded in speeding up convalescence after surgery by taking Arnica montana (Arn).

I love hearing about experiences like this! Great job 😀

Helping anyone (who is interested) feel safe in using homoeopathic remedies themselves, for ailments/symptoms of a scope that feels manageable, is exactly why I wanted to make sure that there exists an offer for learning:

  • How to use homoeopathy
  • How to select a remedy
  • Which remedies to keep in ones own stock (among the most frequently indicated for acute ailments)

If you would like to learn about homoeopathy too, you are welcome to choose among resources;

or go all in and donate for all the resources to freely access your very own homoeopathic library online: in the form of pdf guides and remedy pictures that you can download (in addition to video presentations online).

The original feedback was in Norwegian. The above is my (direct) translation.

The experiences shared by this Hobby-Homoeopath demonstrates how homoeopathy can work alongside other approaches (including allopathy/conventional medicine), in addition to being excellent as the only measure for ailments that do not require more comprehensive interventions.