What advantages do I see in YOU starting to stock up on remedies for your own collection at home?

*The homoeopathic remedies are then at your disposal when you need them, without having to wait days/weeks for the pharmacy (or other sales point) to get them for you

*When you call you homoeopathy-guide for help with acute complaints, you have remedies to choose immediately

*The broader your selection of the most frequently indicated remedies for acute ailments, the greater your chance of matching one of them with symptoms that arise

*Homoeopathic medicines are cheap compared to conventional pharmaceuticals (despite the taxes added when importing to Norway), considering each pill-glass lasting for a looong time (as we use minute amounts at a time)

What advantages do I see in YOU learning the basic knowledge and skills for applying homoeopathy yourself, for acute complaints?

*You can administer an indicated remedy on your way to/while awaiting help

*When your homoeopathy-guide is unavailable, you can give it a go yourself - before reaching out to him/her as soon as possible (if still needed)

*You can bring a selection of remedies on vacation, travel, hikes, work - knowing that you are able to ameliorate an array of ailments that may arise

*You are free to choose natural medicines that do not stand in the way of also applying other forms of treatment

*You can take responsibility for/deal with complaints that show up in yourself and your loved ones, without having to rely on others (in all instances)

*With greater understanding of what homoeopathy is, succeeding with the application of it becomes a lot easier

... have I forgotten anything?

As with most things: practice makes perfect increases skills and capabilities! But the foundational knowledge should be gained first


What are the disadvantages of starting to stock up on remedies for you own homoeopathy-selection at home, and little by little learn to apply homoeopathy yourself - for acute ailments?

*Well, you might end up seeing less of your family doctor/GP when you increasingly succeed in your choices of homoeopathic medicines

*Your first aid chest or drawer at home may become cramped, as you stock up on numerous useful remedies for yourself and your loved ones

*If your homoeopathy-guide recommends a remedy you do not have in your stock, you may end up with only a partial cure/amelioration from using the ones you have

*You may experience fruitless ventures to the emergency room when remedies you give on the way/in the waiting room takes care of the ailments

*Family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues may become annoyingly eager to know the secret behind you and your children/partner recovering so quickly from acute ailments

*When you get sick and need bed rest you may need fewer days away from work, meaning less time for watching TV and comfort-eating

*With increasingly successful selections of remedies for various symptoms you might not be as justified in moaning and complaining along with the rest, when seasonal illnesses appear in your neighbourhood

... have I forgotten anything?

You can start learning more about homoeopathy today - if all these cons have not left you completely discouraged!