Before booking your first consultation with me, it is important that you read the terms and description of the process carefully.

Before deciding to work with I: the woman; Marianne Borchgrevink Claussen; it is important for you to carefully read through the description of the process, and decide whether this way of working suits you;

If my approach to health and collaboration does not resonate with you, I am probably not the one you should work with;

If you wholeheartedly agree with me, or wish to understand my approach better, you are welcome to book an appointment: as long as you are prepared to allow at least six months for our collaboration, with the value exchanges this entails;

If you are seeking a quick-fix, and expect that a few sessions with me will be enough, then I am not the one you should work with

I have experienced how greater insights, consciousness and presence in my own body - within and outwards - enriches, strengthens and heals all parts of myself: in addition to approaches that I chose to incorporate; homoeopathy and other.

This is something I increasingly wish to incorporate into services that I offer, whether I am sought out for guidance in general; on specific issues; or with homoeopathy as the main focus for addressing health and wellbeing.

In sessions with me, you may experience that I invite deeper reflection on your relationship with yourself: beyond the information that is needed for me to select a homoeopathic remedy that can support your body in the process towards regained inner balance and harmony.

You decide where the line is drawn. If there are aspects you do not wish to talk about/explore, you communicate this to me. I try my best to pick up on signals, and respond to what I experience and sense through our meeting. We can/will discuss this more when we meet - virtually or face to face!