The below terms are considered as accepted when you book an appointment with Marianne; also read carefully the terms that apply to the use of this website


Terms you accept when seeking homoeopathy services and or other value exchanges with I: the woman; Marianne Borchgrevink Claussen;

I: the woman; Marianne Borchgrevink Claussen, in no way take responsibility for whether you: as a man or woman; choose to stop or avoid seeing a medical doctor, or stop taking medicines prescribed by a medical doctor, without consulting with the doctor;

Cancellations are made in writing and or through the booking system, and must be done more than 24 hours prior to the appointment; you are still committed to donating for appointments cancelled less than 24 hours before the booked time;

When registering in the booking system and or booking an appointment you consent to the creation of records with information about you and or your child and your, or your child's, health condition; it is your responsibility to ensure that the information you convey is correct;

You, accept that your expectations to the services offered by I, entail increasing your own and or your child's general vitality and constitutional strength, and that no specific illnesses are diagnosed and or treated;

If you do not consent to these terms, you can not make use of the services offered by I: the woman, Marianne


Request from Marianne

I, wish to use the records of men and women who seek help from me, as illustrative examples in future ventures: for teaching, research, seminars and or other occasions;

This will of course be anonymised, with no reference to identifiable characteristics of the individual man or woman; initials and or pseudonyms is used to distinguish cases;

If you, do not wish that I, apply your records for this use, please inform me of this when we meet for your appointment

When you book an appointment in the booking system I use, you are asked to fill in some details about yourself

It is also great if you can consider, and maybe note down, some thoughts and responses to the below questions, before your initial consultation - and also about anything you consider relevant for yourself and your health condition:

  • What is it you wish to address with homoeopathy at this time?
  • Do you have other physical, emotional or mental issues than the ones mentioned above?
  • Do you hva any of the following diseases now, or have you had any of them in the past: tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes, epilepsi, metabolic disorders, other hormonal issues, communicable diseases, allergies?
  • Have you tried other approaches for you current complaints? Doctor, hospital care, physical therapies, osteopathy, chiropractics, acupuncture, homoeopathy, reflexology
  • Are you currently on any conventional allopathic medication? Specify with name of the medication, if you can: chemotherapy, cortisone, beta-blockers, contraceptives, hormon-regulators, stimulating or sedative medication
  • Have you used any conventional allopathic medications previously, that you are not currently taking? Specify with the name of the medication, if you can
  • Previous homoeopathic prescriptions you have taken: name of remedy, and when?
  • Have you undergone surgical procedures? What kind, and when?
  • Are there any foreign objects in your body? Artificial joints, pacemaker, IUD, nails, silicon
  • Are there illnesses or complaints frequently occurring in you family line?
  • If a woman: are you pregnant?
  • Do you know anything about your mother's pregnancy with you, and your birth? Were you breast fed?
  • Do you prefer warm or cold environments?
  • Are you affected by certain forms of weathers and seasons: mentally, emotionally and or physically?
  • How would you characterise your appetite?
  • Are there any foods or tastes you dislike strongly?
  • Are there any foods or tastes you particularly love?
  • How would you characterise your thirst?
  • Do certain foods or drinks make you feel unwell? Specify
  • Do you sleep well at night, and wake up feeling refreshed? If not, is there a pattern in the sleep disturbance?
  • Is there any position in bed you prefer sleeping in, or cannot sleep in? Specify
  • Do you have recurring dreams, or dreams you remember particularly clearly? (Can be from any time in your life)
  • Describe yourself, as short or lengthy you wish: what characterises you as an individual? Your personality, behaviour and what you are like as an individual affect the choice of homoeopathic medicine. How would friends and family, who know you well, describe you?

Before booking your first appointment

... you read through the terms and preparations described above;

If you are in doubt whether homoeopathy is for you, read through the information provided on this website, and or book a consultation or short chat (45 or 10 min), to discuss your expectations and address questions you may have;

I highly recommend reading through Healing from Within before deciding whether to make use of the homoeopathy services that I offer: so that you know more about what this entails

The confirmation email

After having booked an appointment with me, you receive a confirmation email - and you also receive a reminder via email prior to your consultation;

Cancellation must be done more than 24 hours prior to your appointment: if not, you are still obliged to donate for my time, and or do not receive your donation back if having made one already

Health information and terms

Before booking an appointment I expect you to read through the instructions and terms on this page carefully (see above); and thereby have the information readily available when we first meet/speak

The initial consultation

If you have any questions about what homoeopathy entails, I address these the best I can: depending on your knowledge and experience with homoeopathy;

I want to hear your expectations for our collaboration, and share mine with you;

This initial conversation can also be addressed with a short chat (10 min) before agreeing on a full initial consultation (90 min); focusing on mapping your health condition and history;

When I am confident that we have reach a mutual realistic expectation for the process, I ask about your health issues and other aspects that are useful for me to know about when deciding which homoeopathic remedy to recommend for you;

My recommendation of homoeopathic medicine is communicated to you a day or two after your consultation in most cases; it is up to you to then obtain the remedy, but I provide you with instructions and guidance;

You book a follow-up, for a suitable time in 3-4 weeks; and when the need arises (you have questions/want advice in-between the consultations), you book a short chat;

If you have booked an online consultation via Zoom it is important that you ensure a quiet place where you can be undisturbed for the entire session; it is also crucial that you have a stabile internet connection, and that your camera and microphone work; you receive the link for the online consultation-room in the confirmation e-mail after booking

The homoeopathic medicine

After the initial consultation I spend a lot of time working with the information I have received from you; this may take several working days, before I decide on the remedy I wish to recommend for you (unless we are addressing acute complaints - see section below);

I do not want to rush my choice of remedy to recommend; it is important that the remedy is a best possible match, to be able to cooperate with your body in the best possible way;

When I have decided on a remedy I send you an sms or email with my recommendations, instructions and information about which remedy you can take - and how to take it; you can read more about this here:

Obtaining the homoeopathic remedy

Remedy response

If you have any further questions you can book a short chat

When you have obtained the remedy

Follow the instructions I have given you, and note down the date you take the remedy;

Check that your appointment for the follow-up is still suitable; if there is still about 3 weeks to go, that is good;

If the need arises you can book a short chat: via phone, Zoom or in person; this is a 10 min chat; if you wish for lengthier guidance from me, book a follow-up, or cancel the follow-up you have already booked before booking a new one closer in time;

It is important for me to keep in touch with you on a regular basis, and guide you through aspects you struggle with/have questions about after having taken the remedy; this also allows me insight into how the remedy is working with you and your body during the entire process

The follow-up

In the follow-up consultation we go through everything you have experienced after taking the homoeopathic medicine; when we have discussed everything you have noticed I will also make sure that we have addressed all the symptoms and complaints you told me about in the initial consultation;

If there has not been much change, it is not the end of the road: now that I know you better, and you know me and know more about what the process entails, it will be easier for me to ask about aspects that are still unclear; and you may feel more comfortable sharing your experiences with me;

I am not happy until we have chosen a remedy/remedies that resonate well with your symptoms; unfortunately, I rarely hit the mark on my first attempt, but I try my best, and usually we still get hints from the remedies we try first - and these hints are helpful for my further assessments;

Often we need to work with the same remedy over time, and or choose other remedies when the symptoms change and or the body starts expressing symptoms that have previously been suppressed;

It happens that changes have actually taken place, but in such a gradual and vague pace that it is hard to notice before we speak about them; that is one of the reasons why I go through what we discussed previously; I have heard expressed on several occasions that:

"oh, no, I actually have not had that since the last time" or "I had that? No, I cannot even remember ..." or "when you mention it, (this or that) has actually changed somewhat"

The process onwards

Most likely we will need a follow-up with 3-4 weeks' intervals (at least) the first months, with the short consultation in between when the need or wish arises in you;

When we have reached the point that a homoeopathic medicine suits your condition well, we stay in touch through follow-ups: but gradually less frequently, depending on how your condition unfolds:

In some instances the same remedy will be recommended for you again and again; other times I will conclude that your body is still working on the stimulus from the remedy, and we await repetition of the remedy - as we do not want to interfere with the process that your body (with aid of the remedy) is in the middle of;

The symptom picture may change once a homoeopathic medicine has resonated well with your body: you may then be recommended the next indicated remedy, if the one we have worked with no longer fits or triggers a response; your health issues and or conditions can present themselves as layers, and be peeled away layer by layer with various remedies; or there may be one remedy that works through all the layers, that must therefore be repeated at intervals as long as indicated

Conclusion of our collaboration

As you may have grasped, homoeopathy is no quick-fix: it takes time to support the body through this process of restoring balance, especially after many years/a lifetime of imbalance; but when we hit home with homoeopathic medicines that match the condition, the reward is well worth the investment of patience and value;

When you feel like there is nothing left that homoeopathy can do for you, we can conclude the process; but it is still useful to agree on a follow-up in 3 months time, to ensure that there is no hint of the need for repeating the remedy; it is a lot better to address imbalances before they get a stronger hold!

If everything still seems stabile and no symptoms have started to reemerge, we agree on a follow-up in 6 months time: and if everything is still in top shape we can agree on yearly consultations, to keep in touch - and so that I, and the records I keep, are up do date with the happenings in your life from time to time, and up to date in case new health challenges occur - acute as well as chronic;

If you are not willing to commit to a minimum of 6 months collaboration with me (with acute ailments as the only exception), with consultations on a regular basis, the chances are also slim for us getting anywhere with our collaboration

Acute consultations

Regarding acute ailments that you do not experience on a regular basis, and that are not part of an underlying chronic pattern, an acute consultation is the way to go:

If you have not worked with me before, you need to read through the terms and preparations for the initial consultation (see above); to ensure that you provide me with all the information I need when we meet/speak;

If you are not fit to attend in person, or live far away, you can book an online-consultation: we use Zoom, an application where you can register a user free of charge;

During the consultation I ask about your symptoms, and how you experience them; I then recommend a remedy to try first; I might recommend several remedies, in case the first one does not offer any relief, or if the symptoms change;

It is therefor best if you have some of the most indicated homoeopathic remedies for acute conditions in your stock at home: it will make it a lot easier for the both of us;

I follow up on you according to what we agree upon, until we have selected a remedy that helps; from then on you book a consultation/short chat when the need arises

Home visits

In some cases I offer home visits upon agreement, as long as you live in Brumunddal; your donation must then have an added 19% to the original value exchange