• Some pharmacies order the remedy you need within a few days; others go by established dates as infrequently as once a month (!)
  • So it may be worth while asking them first, and rather reach out to Balder apotek in Oslo for more swift help - if your local pharmacy is slow;
  • Or ordering directly from Arnika.no, who also show the stock of remedies in the storage at NNS (distributing to the rest of the country)

This is how remedies are acquired in Norway:

  1. Norsk NaturmedisinSentral (NNS) in Drammen order homoeopathic remedies registered for sale in Norway, from homoeopathic pharmacies in Europe
  2. Norwegian sales points (including pharmacies) order homoeopathic remedies on behalf of their customers (a few keep a stock of selected remedies in their own stores)

So it depends on the stock at NNS in Drammen how quickly the sales point can get you the remedy: it may take several weeks if NNS has to order it from Europe.

In addition, it depends on the sales point's routines.

The rest of the thousands of homoeopathic medicines not registered for sale in Norway, we have to order from homoeopathy pharmacies in Europe. Luckily we are allowed to import remedies for personal use!

Taxes may be added when going through customs, but as homoeopathy is regulated as pharmaceuticals in Norway, no additional custom fees apply.

I prefer Helios homoeopathic pharmacy in England, and will go through in detail how to order from them.

Usually it takes 1-3 weeks until the remedy is in your mailbox or ready for collecting at the post office (though delays may occur when going through customs).

When ordering from Helios you have to use the "Secure enquiry form" - do not order from their online store

  • You can start with registering, or logging in if you have ordered from them before: then the details you submitted previously show up (saving you the effort of submitting the info again)
  • Then you choose «Secure enquiry form» in the menu, under «Contact us»
  • Because of all the various regulations that Norway initiated related to the import restrictions in previous years, Helios processes orders from Norway differently
  • Therefore you can not order from them by adding products to the cart in their webshop
If you have all the information you need for your order, you can jump two images down (but it may be worth checking in the "Remedy finder", to be sure) 

  • To be sure you are using the name that Helios uses in their webshop (to avoid confusion), you can do a quick search in their search engine
  • Helios will usually know which remedy you need, but they will get in touch with you if anything is unclear with your order
  • Here I use Aconitum napellus as an example. Acon is a well-known remedy, and Helios uses common-name Aconite
  • But they would still know exactly which remedy you want, if you write "Aconitum napellus" in the form - without doing a search first!
  • If we now click on "Aconite" among the remedies in the search engine:

... here we see that the botanical name or the remedy is Aconitum napellus, so we can be sure that this is the remedy we want!

In the next image you can see the options I recommend when ordering remedies with the form:

  • Pills (No 3): I prefer this size, good for administering one pill at a time
  • 8g: you can select other amounts too, but 8 g will go a long way!
  • Potency: 30C (here you submit the potency I have recommended for you)
  • NOT ADD TO BASKET! Remember, you have to use the form:

But Aconitum napellus is one of the remedies we can buy in Norway!
  • Write something similar to what I have submitted in the form above, but make sure to include:
  • Name of the remedy, form, size, potency
  • Fill in your contact info (including email and phone number)

A template you can copy and paste in the form, if you like: (I include a note about adding the order slip on the outside of the parcel because I have experienced reduced fees going through customs this way)


I would like to order:

(Remedy name), Pills No3, 8g, 30C

Great if you can attach the order slip on the outside of the package (in a plastic cover), to potentially avoid additional costs going through customs.

Thank you!

Remember to click on "Load payment form"! (If you are logged in and have ordered from them before, this information may be pre-submitted for you)

  • Before hitting that Submit-button at the bottom, make sure to consider which payment method you prefer: add a comment if you wish to pay by PayPal or bank wiring, and they will send you the necessary info when processing your order
  • It is also a good idea to double check the info you have submitted, and make sure you have written the correct remedy-size:
  • A colleague of mine had written 80 g by mistake! Luckily he got in touch with Helios in time, or he would have received enough of the remedy to last through several future generations ...
If this seems complicated: it really is not!

I have made these instructions detailed so that you can place your order free of issues the first couple of times - and then it will become easy-peasy once you are familiar with their website.

There are also other European homoeopathic pharmacies you can book from, e.g. Remedia:

  • Search for the remedy you need in their webshop
  • Add the remedy to your cart and order as you would from any webshop (as far as I know)
  • As I use Helios myself, I do not know how long it usually takes to receive remedies from Remedia

We do not have the customs-limit we used to, so fees and taxes apply: this seems to depend on who processes you shipment! My experiences so far:

  • Homoeopathic medicines are viewed as pharmaceuticals in Norway, which entails only VAT, and not toll fees
  • But the postal service providers/customs are free to add an admin fee, that led to my order costing me kr 300 extra (in addition to VAT)
  • Other times, my order goes straight to the mail box, with no extra costs
  • So again, it varies who processes the order, and the systems in place
  • On the one hand it may be beneficial to order more remedies at a time, to avoid several additional fees;
  • On the other hand, the chances of your order going straight to your mailbox without any customs-processing may increase if it is a small parcel

You can read more on the customs' webiste.