Are you wondering how to get hold fo the remedy I have recommended for you? Read here

  1. When you have the remedy: follow the instructions I have given you, and go through the information on this page
  2. Note down the date you take the remedy
  3. Make sure to have a follow-up booked, about 3-4 weeks after you have taken the remedy
  4. If the need arises for some guidance from me (before the follow-up), book a short chat


  • Store homeopathic medicines away from direct sunlight, strong smells and devices that emit radiation (e.g. microwave oven, phone, internet router)
  • You can store the remedies in a toiletry bag, drawer or - if you have plenty of remedies - you can sort them alphabetically in a chest of some sort.
Taking the remedy
  • Remember to check the instructions I have given you! Apart from those, the rules of thumb are:
  • Do not eat, drink or brush your teeth about 15 min before and after taking the remedy
  • Avoid touching the remedy: if it finds its way to your hand, that is ok; but if it falls on the floor/touch other things - throw it away and take a new one
  • Carefully shake a pill (or a few granules) into the lid, and tip them under the tongue/dissolve in water
  • From Norwegian pharmacies you usually get the remedy in the form of tiny pills: granules. Then it is ok to take 3-4 granules as one dose
  • When ordering from homeopathic pharmacies abroad, e.g. Helios, you may get larger pills: in that case one pill is enough
  • I do not recommend repeating the remedy more frequent than I have instructed, without consulting with me first
  • It is the frequency of the intake that matters most for the "size of the dose" - more than the number of pills taken at once: so please avoid taking more of the remedy without consulting with me first
  • It is fine to dissolve the homeopathic medicine in some water, if you prefer taking a small sip/rub some drops into the skin rather than allowing the pill to melt under the tongue:
  • one pill in about 2 dl water --> stir/shake vigorously about 20 times --> take a small sip, allow it to be in the mouth for a bit before swallowing --> the rest can be kept covered up in the fridge for a about a week if there is a need to repeat the remedy
We are all unique! How you respond is up to your body and the remedy - when I have managed to match your symptoms with a remedy that matches you condition well
Life force/vital force
  • In my homoeopathy studies in England we mostly used the term Life force when referring to the body's innate ability to heal itself
  • Norwegian homoeopaths often use the term Dynamis, but I prefer using Life force or Vital force
  • It is this vital force we aim at stimulating through the homoeopathic medicine: so that it can trigger necessary processes in the body, on the path to restored health and wellbeing
The remedy as a catalyst
  • Well-chosen remedies have qualities that are similar to what the vital force expresses the need for, through symptoms and ailments on all levels (physical, emotional, mental)
  • The remedies supply the life force with what it needs to bring about the process towards healing/restitution/increased health/balance
  • According to the philosophy of homoeopathy, it is not the remedy itself that leads to recovery and positive changes: it serves as a catalyst - the trigger - that the vital force needs to better deal with the issues itself
Change in the experience of symptoms
  • Homoeopathic medicines have a gentle way of promoting increased levels of health, that vary from individual to individual: sometimes it takes time for the life force to readjust, other times it happens quickly
  • There may be several bigger or smaller upheavals along the way: these may be experienced as uncomfortable to varying degrees, when the homoeopathic remedy triggers, and works together with, the life force
The homoeopathic aggravation
  • The life force can, with the help of a well-chosen homoeopathic medicine, initiate necessary (more powerful) measures; and is thereby capable of working through imbalances more efficiently - the same imbalances that have led to (stuck) symptoms, patterns and conditions
  • This may be experienced as short-lived intensification of symptoms, before they gradually resolve
  • The homoeopathic medicine works with the body, not against it: thereby it also works with your symptoms, not against them
Spring cleaning
  • The life force sometimes initiate a sort of spring cleaning (detoxification) as part of the response to homoeopathic medicines
  • This may be experienced as e.g. a cold, diarrhoea, perspiration, emotional outbursts, tearfulness or other ways the body chooses to clear out unwanted stagnations
Passing resurgence of past complaints
  • Often an experience of processing complaints, emotions and conditions from earlier in life: as if previous symptoms reoccur temporarily, before they disappear again
  • This is a sign that the homoeopathic medicine is acting deeply, pealing away layers of previous issues (that are all part of the same individual disposition) - and that may be necessary to work through in order to address the underlying cause of the complaints

Even though some of what I have listed under "remedy responses" can seem uncomfortable, these will be accompanied with positive changes when we have hit the mark with the remedy choice;

By this I mean that you may experience:

  • An increase in surplus of energy, at the same time as you feel the pain from a head injury from earlier in life
  • Better sleep quality and feeling restituted in the morning, at the same time as you have a recurrence/aggravation of a skin rash

I interpret these as positive signs:

  • there has been a positive change on a deeper/more vital level
  • a processing of earlier issues happen in parallell to an overall increase of wellbeing
  • symptoms are pushed more to the surface - from deeper/more vital parts, towards outer/less vital parts - before they disappear all together when the body (with the aid of a well-indicated remedy) has worked through it all

Homoeopathy is no quick-fix. It demands respecting the body's pace and processes, with patience - and prioritising rest when we feel the need for it. But we clearly notice when the awaited positive changes happen - and we can bask in the pleasure of these while we keep up working on whatever else remains of signs of imbalance.

Guidance from me during the process
  • Note down the date you take the homoeopathic medicine, so I can update your records the next time we speak
  • Book a follow-up for 3-4 weeks down the line, and if you have questions/want guidance before then, you can book a short chat when the need arises
  • If you need to change the date/time, cancel the consultation (up to 24 hours prior to the appointment) via the link in the e-mail you received after booking, and then book a new appointment
  • Anything revolving around ongoing course of treatment I do not have the capacity to follow-up on outside of appointments: book a short chat/follow-up when the need arises
  • If you experience an acute need for guidance in your ongoing process: call me/send an SMS, and I will do my best to find an appointment for you, to help you as quickly as possible (not for emergencies!)
Keep your own notes
  • Changes may be vague and occur gradually, or they may be clear and occur suddenly
  • Please keep notes of what you experience along the way: experience shows it is easy to forget before the follow-up, so noting down keywords to trigger your memory is helpful
  • How long since you took the remedy? How long did it last, whatever it is you notice? Spend a minute or two reflecting on this each day, and a few minutes each week: what have you experienced this week, compared to the previous week?
All signs are useful hints!
  • Homoeopathy works on all parts of us;
  • If you notice changes in thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, dreams - note it all down, not matter how trivial it may seem
  • If you have only blank pages when it is time for your follow-up  - do not despair! We will go through the symptoms and conditions I have noted in your records, to catch any changes (whether you remember them before the session, or not)

I may not have gotten a good enough understanding of you symptom picture yet, to choose a best suitable remedy. Or, we may need to work with another homoeopathic medicine first - before (maybe) returning to the one we have tried.

If I have not chosen a remedy that suits your state well enough - the remedy your life force is asking for through the symptoms expressed by your body - not much will happen. If I have chosen a remedy that somewhat fits, there may be changes: that I might not consider to be significant enough to continue working with the same remedy (we discuss this at your follow-up).

So, if you do not experience any changes - or little change - I will strive to get a better understanding of your state the next time we meet/talk: and adjust my recommendation of remedy accordingly. Now that I know more about you, and you have a better understanding of the process homoeopathy/what working with me entails; it will also be easier for us to get to the core of what you vital force is communicating to you

I am not happy until we are sure that your inner balance is restored - as long as you wish to continue the collaboration with me

Before you decide whether or not to make use of my services I recommend reading through the mini-book Healing from Within, which explains homoeopathy beautifully