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Ringsaker Homeopati is run Marianne Borchgrevink Claussen.

I completed my 4-year homeopathy course at the School of Homeopathy June 2017. One year later, June 2018, I completed my 1,5 years of supervised practice (part of the course I attended): for which Ilana Dannheisser, an experienced homeopath based in London, was my supervisor. 

After the completion of my supervised practice I am proud to bear the legend DSH: Diploma from the School of Homeopathy. I am also a member of Norske Naturterapeuters Hovedorganisasjon (NNH)

If you don't find answers to your questions on Ringsaker Homeopati's website, or have other inquiries, feel free to get in touch with me 🙂

Exciting - enriching - invigorating: my choice of becoming a homeopath is the best that I have made. I now wish to contribute to others' experience of homeopathy as the single approach/complementary aid towards optimal health.

My journey


About me

My interests range from creative activities like drawing and painting; spending time in nature under the open sky/tenting, alone or with friends and loved ones; ball sports and games; soap bubbles and jigsaw puzzles; cooking, choosing natural organic ingredients when I can; to travels and exploring - I have lived in Tanzania as a child, in England twice, a couple of months in Barcelona, and a little shy of a year in Hungary.

My formal qualifications include my homeopathic education in England and a bachelor degree in Health Leadership and Management in Oslo.

My passion for natural health and nutrition stem from my own experiences of being "forced" by my health challenges, to look past the conventional health services offered here in Norway:

My background

Regarding education, I was not sure what I wanted to study. After a year at Folkehøyskole (a one-year course offered at various Schools in Norway), attending a course of creative subjects, I started an Illustration Bachelor's degree in Southampton, England. It didn't take long before I started yearning for something more "academic". To me, drawing and painting is more of a hobby. So, I started studying medicine on a course where the first year is in Norway, and the rest in Hungary. At least, that was the plan: I got as far as my second year studying medicine, before my health pointed me in a different direction ... 

Around this time in my life I struggled with health issues that turned out to be chronic. Several years of medical examinations, a state of health that kept deteriorating, and only vague conclusions after numerous doctor's appointments; both my family and I felt frustrated - desperate, even. Neither they nor I would accept the collective terms for my symptoms of chronic fatigue symptom and irritable bowel disease, with anti-depressants as the only solution in the long term - to "calm my digestive system" and allow me to focus on gathering my strength. In short, I experienced, like so many people do these days, a despair stemming from not knowing what to do - or how to proceed - to get my health back on track; all the while my energy and strength to keep up with life's many joys kept deteriorating, day by day.

My focus changes -

I took a much-needed break from the medical studies in Hungary, and went back home to get some breathing space. I had been to see a homeopath for a while at that point, as I found her offer for hair tissue mineral analysis online: an alternative I sought out after having "tried everything else" (or, everything that I knew of at that point). My body proved to have a lot of mineral-deficiencies, and I was recommended a lot of supplements. These helped - for a while. But they didn't solve the underlying issue. The fact that the therapist also was a "homeopath" - a term I hadn't come across before - is something I didn't pay much notice to at first;

When I finally asked her what a homeopath is, she explained to me that homeopathy is a form of natural medicine in which the body's immune system, and innate ability to fix itself, is strengthened and stimulated - and I became intrigued. I went online, not searching for yet another possible answers to what might be wrong with me; but, searching for information about something new that I had stumbled upon in my quest to solve the hopelessness I was experiencing in body and mind. The book Homeopathy: Medicine for the New Millenium by George Vithoulkas popped up on the screen. I put it in the virtual shopping basket, and when arrived in the mail it introduced me to a world that I am ever grateful for having become part of.

I want to become a homeopath!

It's probably not every parent's dream for their daughter to choose not to continue her medical studies, but rather start studying to be a "hom-eo-pa-" "Huh!?" ... But, privileged as I am, my parents support me in my choices: especially when it becomes clear to them that I have found something I am truly passionate about. As both they, and others who know me, know that I have my share of sound reasoning and brains, the attitude soon became one of "there must be something to this, as Marianne has chosen it". And, it sure is! 😀

Homeopathy studies in Norway/England

Unfortunately, the only homeopathy course offered in Norway at that time did not live up to my expectations. After a year studying homeopathy in Norway I realised that I would have to seek outside the Norwegian borders to find a school that could provide me with the high quality education that I wanted: and it's then I found The School of Homeopathy- meeting all my criteria, and more! Four years of commuting to England followed, and then an additional year continuing my supervised practice in Oslo; supervised by a homeopath in England. These five years proved to be a journey of personal growth and development, with a greater awareness for what health is really about - from my own (and many other natural therapists') perspective.

I fixed myself with nutrition - by not abiding by the official nutritional guidelines in Norway, but more in accordance with the advices given by Kostreform for bedre helse and information I found online (that resonated with me). And, I fixed myself with homeopathy. And yoga. And meditation. And by spending time in nature. The most significant aspect of my change of course was the realisation that health comes from within: I can't seek whichever treatment option that lays before me and expect to get better within myself without also taking the lead of my own process - taking responsibility for my own health. That being said, it's truly amazing, magical even, the fact that nature can offer us so much in terms of health promoting possibilities - when we know how to use it, and respect it. My homeopathy studies have equipped me with homeopathy as a means of promoting health through my profession. To me, this an invaluable gift - worth all the hardships and struggles that led me here. I am truly grateful.


The road ahead - my vision

My clinic has moved twice since I started out - from Oslo to Eidsvoll, and from Eidsvoll to Brumunddal. I have found my love, and found a home close to nature: a perfect outlook for practicing as a homeopath!

When the time is ripe I wish to volunteer for Homeopathy for Health in Africa. Their work is so important, and with my childhood experiences from Eastern Africa it seems like a great opportunity to revisit this wonderful part of the world (again); and get more homeopathic experience at the same time! 😀



In due time I wish to study nutrition, to be able to give nutritional advice based on more than "just" my own experiences and self-studies. I have sought out the school Tunsberg Medisinske Skole, where they offer a range of exciting courses.

Another dream that I have - for when I have gained a lot more experience and knowledge as a homeopath, and feel ready; is to create a sound homeopathic course in Norway! A course that can (at least) compare and measure up to the ones abroad - and the education that I got at the School of Homeopathy. But, it will be a while before that happens, I'm guessing 😉

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Jenny Grist's lovely booklet is easy to read, and beautifully explains homeopathy in a simple way. And, it's free! 😀

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