Hi! I am Marianne

On this page I would like to introduce myself properly, and share with you parts of my own journey that led me to the path of natural medicine.

If you have questions regarding homoeopathy, for your self our your loved ones, you will find more about this on other parts of the website. But I also offer a short (10 min) and longer (up to 60 min) consultations that you can book if you would like to discuss what homoeopathy, and I, may be able to contribute with.

I have previously been a member of both Norwegian Homeopaths' Association and The Norwegian Association of Natural Medicine; now I offer my services and resources as a woman: you can read more about this in my notice and in this article.

So, it is I: the woman;  Marianne Borchgrevink Claussen, who offer homoeopathy services

I completed my four years of studies at the School of Homeopathy in June 2017. One year later, June 2018, I completed 1,5 years of clinical practice: supervised by a skilled woman with homoeopathy education, residing in London, the lovely Ilana Dannheisser.

Some snippets about me

My interests stretch from painting and drawing; spending time in nature - under the open skies or in a tent, alone or with loved ones; ballgames and -play, sope bubbles and jigsaw puzzles; preparing meals from whole, organic foods; traveling, exploring - I lived in Tanzania as aa child, in England on two occasions, a few months in Barcelona and a little less than. a year in Hungary.

My professional qualifications stem from my homoeopathy studies in England, alongside a Bachelor's degree in Health leadership and Health economics at the University in Oslo. I have also undertaken some illustration studies, and studied medicine (allopathy), along the way.

My passion for natural health and nutrition was awakened in me after first being pressured to look beyond the conventional health services in Norway: through my own health challenges.

Illness as my teacher

Regarding education, I was very uncertain what I wanted to embark upon. After a year of creative studies in Norway, I started a Bachelor's in Illustration in Southampton, England; but it did not take long before I wanted to shift gears towards something more academic. To draw and paint is still a dear hobby to me, though!

I started studying medicine: in a program offering the first year in Norway, and the rest in Hungary - that was the plan ...

Around this time I struggled with health issues, that turned out to be chronic. I experienced several years of medical examinations, deterioration of my general condition and only vague conclusions resulting from the numerous doctor's visits: leaving both my family and I at a loss.

Neither my family or I were willing to accept the "labels" ME and IBS for the array of symptoms and challenges I was experiencing; and we did not consider anti depressants as a solution in the long term (to "calm down" my stomach, in the hope that I could rebuild my strength).

In short, I experienced, like so many do, a despair from not knowing how to go about getting my health back on track: all the while my strength for partaking in life's many joins was steadily deteriorating.

Change of focus -

I took a break from my medical studies and returned home from Hungary, to give myself breathing space. At that point I had consulted with a woman offering homoeopathy, because I wanted to use her offer of hair tissue mineral analysis (which is not homoeopathy, by the way): having herd of this analysis from a friend, and - as far as I knew then - having tried "everything else".

My body was lacking a lot, and I started taking a wide array of mineral supplements (and others). This helped for a while, but it did not resolve my underlying issues.

That this woman offered "homoeopathy" - a term I had never heard before - I did not consider much, at first.

When, finally, I asked her what homoeopathy is; and she told me that homoeopathy is a kind of natural medicine where the body's immune system - and our own innate ability to fix ourselves - is strengthened and stimulated; my curiosity was peaked!

I searched on line: not for yet more possible answers to what was wrong with me, but curious about something new I had stumbled upon in my search for solutions to the hopelessness I felt in my body, mind and spirit.

The book "Homeopathy: Medicine for the new Millennium" by Gearge Vithoulkas was added to my digital cart, and introduced me to a world I am grateful to have become a part of.

I want to study homoeopathy!

It might not be every parent's dream that their daughter chooses to not continue her (allopathic) medical studies, but rather take the first step towards qualifying as a "hom-oeo-pa-huh?"

However, privileged as I am, my parents supports me no matter what: especially when it becomes clear to them that I have found something I am really passionate about.

As my family and friends know that I am quite "well-equipped" when it comes to mental faculties and rationale, their attitude was that "there must be something sensible about this, when Marianne chooses it" - and it is!

Homoeopathy studies in Norway and England

Unfortunately, the homoeopathy studies in Norway did not live up to my expectations. After one year attending studies in Norway it became clear to me that I had to look beyond the countries borders to find the high quality education I was seeking: that is when I found the School of Homeopathy - which turned out to be everything I hoped for, and more.

This turned into four years of monthly commuting, and one year of supervised practice with a homoeopath in England.

This was also five years of personal development and an increasing understanding of what health is really all about, from my own perspective - and that of natural medicines.

My health was restored!

... and at the same time, I found my true aspirations and dreams for the future.

I fixed myself through nutrition: pure foods, from organic and regenerative farming wherever possible; carefully selected supplements to ensure that I give my body all it needs to thrive; fermented foods and drinks (e.g. sourdough and kombucha); focus on my breath during the day; physical activity - with as much of it as possible taking place outside in nature; calm, meditation and restitution, minimising stress; enough good quality sleep at night; spending time with loved ones ...

... and homoeopathy.

One of the biggest changes for me came with the realisation that health and healing comes from within. I cannot seek out every approach outside of myself without also taking my own measures - take responsibility for my own health (and life)!

But it is also wonderful, almost magical, that nature has so much to offer us in terms of health promoting options: when we know how to use it - and at the same time respect it.

My homoeopathy studies in England have equipped me with the knowledge and experience needed to make use of homoeopathy for promoting optimal health and wellbeing. To me this is a precious gift, well worth all of the struggles and discomforts that led me to this point.


I have moved twice since I started offering homoeopathy services: from Oslo to Eidsvoll, and from Eidsvoll to Brumunddal. I have found the love of my life, partner, playmate, soulmate and teacher - who brings out the best in me, and allows me to do the same for him.

I have also found a home close to nature: a perfect starting point for offering help, with homoeopathy as my preferred tool.


When I feel the time is right, I may well volunteer for Homeopathy for Health in Africa. I admire the work they do, and with my childhood years in East-Africa this seems like a perfect opportunity to revisit (again).

Complementary education

In due time I might undertake additional courses/education, so that my qualifications regarding e.g. nutrition's impact on our health is strengthened: even though I have quite extensive experiences and self-studies within this field. One school I am considering is Tunsberg Medisinske Skole, which offers many intriguing study courses.


Another dream, for when I have enough experience and knowledge in the field of homoeopathy - and feel ready for it - is contributing towards high quality homoeopathy studies in Norway: which can compare to those abroad - and which can compare to the education I received at the School of Homeopathy.

Continued creation

My partner and I also have dreams and plans for creating various offers together: that both complement each other and can be used individually. One of these is in the planning-phase: Floatin.