About these preparations

I aim to recommend a remedy for you that is the best possible fit. This is a bit like finding the correct key for a car: once you have found it, the engine will start: and in our case, the healing process will commence.

As there are more than 3000 homoeopathic remedies, this may take a while. But, once we arrive at the one or several remedies that match your condition; and, allow time for the whole process to unfold (which varies from one individual to the next); it will be worth the wait!

For my recommendation of remedies to be accurate, it is of great help if you spend time on the questions on this form, and include anything you consider relevant. This will give us a head start, so that we can go deeper during the consultation. I will go through your answers thoroughly before your appointment, as long as you return it minimum a few days before.

Write down everything you know and experience about your condition(s) and the reasons for seeking my support. For children it is important to include information about the pregnancy and birth. Remember: this is not meant to be a biography, but description of essential aspects of your symptoms; and how they affect your physical, emotional and mental health. (Too much information may clutter the picture.)

When answering the questions, please write each symptom or comment on a separate line. If you feel like you have already answered a question in a previous section, skip it and move on to the next.

Not enough time to complete the whole form in one go?

I ask for quite a lot of info, that may take up a good chunk of your time

If you do not have time to complete the form in one go, downloading it and filling it out when time is more abundant can be a good idea: so that your submissions are not lost when e.g. reloading the page by mistake, or leaving the screen for a while ...

When you have completed the word-document you can either paste it into the form on this page, or return it via email (see address on document)

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Form: preparation homoeopathy