About homoeopathy

Homoeopathy has a unique approach to health. We find the principles of homoeopathy among the writings of Hippocrates going back more than 2000 years.

Rather than depend on chemicals to extinguish unwanted symptoms, or force a specific response from the body; homoeopathy treats health issues by triggering the body's innate natural abilities for it to heal itself.

By doing this two things happens:

  1. The body is stimulated to relinquish conditions of imbalance and disease
  2. The body is strengthened and becomes more robust towards future health challenges

FAQ – frequently asked questions about homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is not as widely used in Norway as in other countries and parts of the world. Even though you might have heard the term "homoeopathy", or have some understanding of what it is about; it can still seem hard to get the grips on - if you yourself have not undergone four years of homoeopathy studies, or sought out a homoeopath to experience it yourself.

I have therefore gathered a few of the most frequent questions about homoeopathy (see below), to make it less cryptic for you: and to prepare you for what to expect if you wish to make use of homoeopathy services.

If you do not find answers to your questions, feel free to book a short consultation - and I will address your questions/concerns as best I can.

Homoeopathy – for whom?

Are you one of those who have tried everything else for your conditions?

Do you wish to use homoeopathy alongside other approaches?

Your symptom picture may be complex, and you will need to invest determination and patience - and so will I - to reach the goals we set when we decide to work together, with homoeopathy as (one of) the tool(s);

Are you one of those lucky ones, having grown up with natural medicine as your go-to, and are used to utilising natural therapies for your complaints?

Then your symptoms may not have gained such a strong hold in you yet, and we can expect a shorter time-frame before they resolve