About homeopathy

Homeopathy has a unique approach to health. We find the principles of homeopathy among the writings of Hippocrates going back more than 2000 years.

Rather than depend on chemicals to extinguish unwanted symptoms, or force a specific response from the body; homeopathy treats health issues by triggering the body's innate natural abilities to heal itself.

By doing this two things happens:

  1. The body is stimulated to relinquish conditions of imbalance and disease
  2. The body is strengthened and becomes more robust towards future health challenges

FAQ – frequently asked questions about homeopathy

Homeopathy is not as widely used in Norway as in other countries and parts of the world. Even though you might have heard the term "homeopathy", or have some understanding of what it is about; it can still seem hard to get the grips on - if you yourself have not undergone four years of homeopathy studies, or sought out a homeopath to experience it yourself.

Therefore I have collected a couple of the most frequent questions about homeopathy (see below), to make homeopathy less cryptic for you: and to prepare you for what to expect if you wish to make use of homeopathy services.

If you do not find answers to you questions, feel free to book a short consultation - and I will address your questions/concerns as best I can.

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a branch of natural medicine where the aim is to stimulate and strengthen the innate ability that each and every one of us have, to heal ourselves.

The term homeopathy is derived from Greek and means "similar to suffering": representing an old principle that "like cures like".

The German physician Samual Hahnemann experimented with administering small amounts of substances from minerals, plants and animals; having undergone a potensation process (learn more about this on the course platform); for the complaints of his patients.

He chose substances that he discovered created similar symptoms in otherwise healthy humans. He worked systematically in this way, testing and developing a system of natural medicine that has been used for more than 200 years: homeopathy.

How are homeopathic medicines made?

Homeopathic medicines are prepared by homeopathic pharmacies.

The substance is triturated (crushed with a mortar), diluted and vigorously shaken (potensised) many times in ethanol and water.

The homeopathic medicines can be bought as sugar pills soaked in the various homeopathic fluids, which can then be allowed to melt under the tongue, be dissolved in water or be bought as fluids and taken as drops/solved in water.

Homeopathic medicines are also called homeopathic remedies.

How does homeopathy work?

The actual mechanism of how homeopathic medicines induce responses in the body is not known (yet). Clinical observations demonstrate again and again that the "like-cures-like"-qualities of the remedies trigger a response in the body, mind and soul: in a way that gradually relinquishes symptoms and ailments in a natural and gentle way.

Experience also shows that the better the chosen homeopathic medicine suits the symptom picture as a whole, and the response patterns, the better the body manages to restore good health (over time).

What does a homeopath do?

My role entails noting down your physical, emotional and mental symptoms, in addition to personal characteristics and individual sensitivities.

After the consultation I analyse the information, and lok for patterns that can lead me to a well indicated homeopathic medicine - and strive to find that one remedy that best matches your health condition as a whole.

There are thousands of homeopathic remedies. Fortunately I have several models, references and softwares that I can use to work myself towards the most indicated remedies and potency (strength) in each case. This is a learning process, and I get a deeper understanding and mastering of the process the more people I try to help; and the more seminars and post graduate events I participate in.

At the follow-up(s) I try to establish what changes have taken place since you took the homeopathic remedy I recommended, and do adjustments in the remedy choice, potency and dosing - when indicated.

What can I expect from the process?

We observe an increase in wellbeing, optimism and health in people following a (well-chosen) homeopathic medicine.

At times there is an initial homeopathic aggravation following the remedy: this is interpreted as an initiating response to the remedy, when the body is stimulated and work with the remedy to relinquish ailments and imbalances.

You can also experience a "spring cleaning" from the body after taking the homeopathic remedy: in the form of a short-lived rash, a cold, or other ways the body chooses to detox.

Short-lived returns of previous symptoms and ailments can occur: when the homeopathic medicine, together with the body, restores inner balance - and works through everything that is/has been of imbalances and disturbances. These are all part of an underlying pattern of reactions and inner sensitivities - that are unique for each and every one of us.

How long is the process?

This is very individual, and not easy to predict.

In the first consultation I attempt to establish an estimated expected course, based on your health condition. When dealing with acute conditions, of higher intensity and with a quicker course, you can expect a swift relieving of symptoms. In more chronic conditions it takes longer until balance and good health is restored.

The course/process, and frequency of consultations, therefore varies. With diseases that have gained a deep foothold it may take several years before we consider ourselves done; but with the experience of positive changes only weeks after having taken (a well-indicated) homeopathic remedy.

Who seek out homeopathy services?

Often there are people who have "attempted everything else" for their conditions; or wants homeopathy as a complementary approach; who comes to see me.

The symptom picture is usually complex, and it takes a great deal of determination and patience from you - to reap the benefits that homeopathy can bring.

At other times people who have grown up with natural medicine, and are used to seek nature's therapies, for their conditions. Thereby they come to see me before the symptoms have gained as deep a grip in them - which makes the way towards the best remedy, and the time it takes to see positive changes, less extensive.

People come to see me for a broad array of ailments: issues with digestion, sleep, muscles/bones, sensitivities to their environment, emotional-/mental challenges, infections, weakened immune system, pains and aches, skin issues, ... Homeopathy can address it all!

What is the role of homeopathy in other countries?

Several countries in Europe and the rest of the world know to appreciate homeopathy's great potential as a system of medicine.

In Switzerland homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal medicine are among the natural therapies side by side with conventional medicine in the countries compulsory health insurances. A referrendum especially made sure of this: when 2/3rds of the population voted to include these. In addition, an evaluation ordered by the government shed light on these treatments' great results, cost-effectiveness and gentleness.

In Asian countries like Nepal, India and Bangladesh there are posts in the state budget that are solely about promoting homeopathy as an important part of the countries' public health services. In the World Health Organisation's "WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023" they point to the importance of the work towards greater collaboration between traditional and complementary treatment options, and a more readily available offer of complementary health services through the public health systems.

If you would like to read about resource on homeopathy, HRI's website is a good place to start!

Homeopathy – for whom?

Are you one of them who has tried everything else for your conditions?

Do you wish to use homeopathy alongside other approaches?

Your symptom picture may be complex, and you will need to invest determination and patience - and so will I - to reach the goals we set when we decide to work together, with homeopathy as the tool;

Are you one of those lucky ones, who have grown up with natural medicine as your go-to, and are used to try natural therapies for your complaints?

Then you symptoms may not have gained such a strong hold in you yet, and we can expect a shorter time-frame until they are resolved

Homeopathy as complementary

What kind of ailments can I use homeopathy for?

People who come to see me have many different ailments, including

  • digestive issues
  • disturbed/poor sleep
  • muscle-/skeletal issues
  • sensitivity for the environment
  • emotional-/mental challenges
  • infections, weakened immune system
  • pains and aches
  • skin issues, ...
  • Homeopati can address them all!

Homeopathy is a natural medicine that addresses you underlying pattern:

How you experience your symptoms, and your responses to stress/trauma, make up the foundation for which homeopathic medicine you are recommended:

  • There is no one remedy for a specific health issue: there is one indicated remedy that fits you and your characteristic sensitivities, in your current state
  • Ten people with the same conventional diagnosis within e.g. skin issues, can be recommended ten different homeopathic remedies: according to the symptoms' expressions, and the experience of these symptoms, in each individual

Homeopathy can be safely combined with other approaches, and will not come in the way of other conventional medicine you may be taking. However:

  • I strongly recommend that you do not stop taking allopathic drugs without first consulting you doctor
  • When you start noticing improvements of you health condition in the course of homeopathy, it may well be that you should discuss decreasing your intake of allopathic pharmaceuticals with you doctor; but I do not recommend doing this on your own

Responsibility for your own health

What should I consider before seeing a homeopath?

In today's modern society, most things are expected to/reward for having a high pace: we want everything to happen quickly and efficiently, also regarding our health;

We want quick-fixes that can remove the problem immediately - the one pill that removes the health issues there and then, in order to continue our daily activities unhindered;

But our health - and bodies - do not necessarily work in that way!

If you have suffered from a health issue for a long time, that you have put off addressing - or that you have masked with quick-fixes; these may have gotten a strong hold in you, and addressing the root of these may take some time;

Homeopathy is experienced differently from human to human:

  • Some experience a quick response to the homeopathic remedy, and a few months is enough to restore balance: with consultations regularly to adjust the remedy choice and dosing (I am not happy until we are sure that a healthy inner balance is restored)
  • Others have to wait longer for the awaited positive development showing itself; changes can be more vague, and layers of stagnations and/or imbalances that have built up over time has to be addressed one by one
  • In each case, the homeopathic medicine, together with the body's innate ability to bring about increased health and wellbeing, decide the pace and intensity of the process

You are the main person in your life! With homeopathy as the means, you can choose to take the reins and responsibility for you own health: if you are prepared to invest determination, patience and value into the process, and whatever else you need to restore health and wellbeing;

  • If you have had your health issues for a short while, you can expect swifter recovery when having taken a homeopathic remedy that suits you condition well
  • But if your issues have lasted longer (several years/your whole life), and are part of an underlying chronic pattern, it also takes longer to resolve them properly with homeopathy

No matter what, you will experience positive changes within the first weeks after having taken a well-chosen homeopathic medicine - but it may take longer before we can conclude the course we have started.

The course of healing

How often should I book an appointment? 

From my experience so far, the best course for most of the people who come to see me is:

  • We start with a short consultation, 10-15 min, online or over the phone, if you have questions about homeopathy in general; and what this approach may entail for you
  • After this we meet online or at my place for the initial consultation (90 min)
  • After the initial consultation I work with the information I have received from you, and recommend a homeopathic medicine for you to buy - and for us to work with
  • Once you have gotten hold of the homeopathic medicine I have recommended based on your symptom picture, you book a short consultation when the need arises, and a follow-up consultation (20-45 min) for 3-4 weeks after you have taken the remedy
  • In the follow-up I ask about your process so far, and make adjustments in the choice of remedy when indicated; we may also decide to wait and see - if there have been more vague responses that I wish to await the unfolding of, or your body seems to still be working with the stimulus it has received
  • We continue this way until we are happy with your response to the remedy I have recommended (it may take a few attempts with different remedies);
  • Then the need for follow-ups may be less frequent, or we continue with 3-4 weekly intervals, depending on your preferences; with the short consultations for when the need for guidance arises in between the longer sessions
  • When clear, lasting changes have taken place in you, we can decrease the frequency of consultations gradually: monthly, every other month, a couple of months in between, and - when we are happy with the outcome: yearly consultations to make sure that you are noe regressing into imbalance again
  • Often we see the need to repeat the remedy after a while, or when challenging experiences cross our life-paths

A course like this, with more frequent consultation in the beginning, allows me to get to know you and your responses to the homeopathic medicine(s): and to support and guide you in the best possible way;

Also, it facilitates you getting to know the process that homeopathy entails;

As you become increasingly familiar with homeopathy, and we see the awaited positive responses to the homeopathic medicine(s), we naturally adjust the course accordingly