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Welcome gift: Homeopathy home-pharmacy

Would you like a guide that I have put together, of how to get started on your own homeopathy-pharmacy at home?

It is in Norwegian, and includes the item numbers you should bring to Norwegian pharmacies when buying the remedies listed; if you are not based in Norway, you can still use the names of the remedies (they are the same in English/Norwegian), and have a look at the list of recommended reading/referencing.

With a number of homeopathic remedies at home, you can ameliorate your own or your loved ones' complaints in a gentle way. It is highly rewarding to see how a little homeopathy-pill can ease the pains and sufferings of those we love - when we manage to pick a well-indicated homeopathic medicine!

And, if you go see your homeopath for an acute/have an acute consultation over the phone; knowing that you have many of the most readily used remedies in acute situations at home, makes it a lot easier to manage the prescriptions in such cases!

If you register your name and e-mail address below you will receive an e-mail with the link to the welcome gift. You will also receive the Homeopathy Drips sent by e-mail monthly(-ish). These are mostly in Norwegian: if this is irrelevant for you, simply unsubscribe by clicking a link at the end of the Homeopathy Drip e-mails. ūüôā