Privacy declaration

This privacy declaration is for and the pages belonging to it. It describes how the information gathered about the website's visitors is used and/or stored. This declaration includes the information you are entitled to by law, when information about you is stored.

The personal information gathered in these webpages are stored on servers that are let by a third-party supplier. No personal information is sold or otherwise made available to others. Ringsaker Homeopati, Marianne Borchgrevink Claussen is responsible for the management of personal information on this website: and only Marianne Borchgrevink Claussen has access to the website's admin-platform.

Ringsaker Homeopati uses WordPress as website-provider, and ProIsp as hosting- and server-provider.

  • WordPress does not gather any personal information about the visitors to Ringsaker Homeopati's website. However, some of the tools used for the website's functionality and tool-kit, might: details of this is in the below sections.


Information that you submit yourself

Registering your e-mail: receiving Homeopathy Drip 

If you sign up for the newsletter Homeopatidrypp your e-mail address will be stored in Ringsaker Homeopati's website-builder, provided by the website-provider; to make it possible to send you e-mails. The tool used for this purpose, within the WordPress framework, is Newsletter - you can read their declaration for the the upholding of GDPR here:

The information is stored as long as you are a recipient of Homeopathy Drip. When you click "subscribe", and you have gode through the two-step verification, your name and e-mail will be added to the e-mail list; which is available to the administrator of Ringsaker Homeopati's website only. You can unsubscribe whenever you want, by clicking the link at the bottom of the Homeopathy Drip e-mails. Your information will be deleted as soon as your un-subscription is registered. No information is disclosed to any other parties.

The booking form

The booking form incorporated in Ringsaker Homeopati's "book appointment"-page, is part of the booking- and journal platform EasyPractice. You can read their guidelines for operating in keeping with privacy regulations here:

The information you submit when booking an appointment through Ringsaker Homeopati's website is managed as follows:

  • The information you submit in the booking form is treated confidentially by Homeopath Marianne's software for patient journals (EasyPractice), and the supplier ensures a high level of security and encryption in their solutions.
  • Personal data necessary for invoicing and accounting (name, address, phone number, e-mail) may be submitted to the account-software used by Ringsaker Homeopati: All additional information remains stored in the patient journal only.

You can request that all personal information about you is disclosed to you, at any time, by sending a request by e-mail to Homeopath Marianne will respond to your request as soon as possible (within 30 days).

No information submitted is disclosed to any other party.


Information gathered when you are visiting this website

Ringsaker Homeopati uses Google Analytics and Facebook pixel to monitor the pattern of users who visit this website. Google Analytics uses cookies and register the users' IP-addresse, but anonymise these before Google's storing and management of them. The information gathered by Google Analytics is collected by them, and stored on their servers; this is regulated by Google's privacy guidelines.

Ringsaker Homeopati Also uses Facebook pixel to monitor the pattern of users on the website. You can click here to read Facebook pixel's privacy guidelines.


Other possibilities of gathering your personal information

If you decide to share the content on these pages by a sharing-button (e.g. on facebook, instagram), no information is stored on Ringsaker Homeopati's end. However, whether the third-party platforms/websites store any information about you is outside of Ringsaker Homeopati's control.

Content from other websites

Content in these webpages blogs and pages may include videos, images, links to articles, and such. All such incorporated content will behave in the same way on these webpages as if the you visited its source.

These source-websites may be gathering information about you: by cookies, third-party tracking, or other surveillance of your interaction with the incorporated content. This may also be true for the tracking of your interaction with the incorporated content, if you have an account with the source-website and are logged in there at the time of visiting these webpages.



Cookies are small text files that the website stores in the user's computer.

The IP-address is a kind of internet-address enabling you to use the internet.


Your information – your rights

You can ask that all personal information stored about you is deleted - by e-mailing a request to However, this does not apply to information stored in accordance to the law, for administrative and legal purposes: e.g. invoice-information, according to the lav of accounting; and your patient records, that I am duty-bound to keep for a longer period of time - usually a minimum of 7 years.

Your listing in the recipients of Homeopathy Drip you can remove whenever you want, by following the instructions when clicking the link at the bottom of the e-mail(s) you receive. If you experience any trouble with this you can send an inquiry by e-mail, to Homeopath Marianne will strive to answer you as quickly as possible (within 30 days).

For the time being no additional information, then the above mentioned, is requested or gathered from the visitors of these webpages.

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