Norske Naturterapeuters Hovedorganisasjon

Why I chose Norske Naturterapueters Hovedorgansiasjon (NNH)

I was a member of Norske Homeopaters Landsforbund (NHL) for several years before realising that there were more organisations to chose from, relevant for me as a homeopath. I contacted the head of NNH when I saw a homeopath on facebook who had the legend "MNNH" and not "MNHL" - and was impressed with how progressive the organisation is!

NNH is a unifying collective of various natural therapies. This way NNH works as an "umbrella", pulling together different branches of natural medicine. The members are assigned to groups according to their profession as a therapist. This allows for interaction and cooperation across different natural therapies, and a greater momentum in society and political matters - when interacting with other organisational bodies and politicians.

What makes NNH a mark of quality for their members' clients?

Patient safety is high on NNH's agenda. They demand a high level of quality in their members' education and qualifications - more than e.g. Brønnøysundsregistrenes "Register for utøvere av alternativ behandling" does (the official list record of registered therapists in Norway). So, when looking for a therapist, you can search in NNH's therapist registry - or in the official "Registere for utøvere av alternativ behandling"; but if you chose the last option, I recommend that you inquire into what demands the therapist's organisation have to its members' qualifications.

Natural therapies (or alternative medical practitioners, if you prefer) don't have protected titles in Norway: anyone can call themselves e.g. a homeopath if they wish, whether they have graduated from a 4-year course or attended a weekend-seminar; or maybe no education at all. The public registry serves as one filter for the patient, in that each therapist in the registry must be a member of an organisation approved by the authorities. However, there are no formal demands to the level of education and qualifications - more than the ones each and every organisation establishes for itself.


How NNH can be a resource for you as a patient 

If you were unfortunate and had negative experiences from seeking treatment from a natural therapist, and you see it as a serious breech in ethically sound treatment guidelines, you can get in touch with NNH's ethical committee - if the therapist in question is part of this organisation.

Also, there is a lot of information on NNH's website: whether you are a patient of a natural therapist, or you want to know more about the various natural therapies that are part of NNH's umbrella. You can visit their website here.

Not sure if homeopathy is for you?

What is homeopathy?

Jenny Grist's lovely booklet is easy to read, and beautifully explains homeopathy in a simple way. And, it's free! 😀

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