My blocked tarsal gland

Dirt and or dust on the eye can end up being a whole lot of non-fun and uncomfortable!

I experienced that after riding my bike on a dirt/gravel road, where a heavy vehicle in front of me whirled up a lot of dust - I was not wearing sunglasses ...

The evening and night passed, without any thought of the dust cloud from my trip.

When waking the following morning, however, my view from out beneath a swollen eyelid on the left side was reduced to about 20%!

Red and swollen inner upper corner of my eye, oedematous swelling of the upper eyelid ---> repertorising and Materia Medica (MM) was, as usual, the tools I sought out! (In addition to som soothing Euphrasia eyedrops from the health food store, in between saltwater rinsing)

That first day I tried:

... with Apis seeming to help at first, but not with repetition; and Sil not offering further relief the following day (though helping somewhat the first couple of doses); so I progressed to:

... with only partial amelioration from Kali-bi and Rhus-t. Hmm.

There was one remedy I had not considered as closely, which is superb for inflammation with suppuration (pus was starting to appear in the corner of my eye), for stitching pains (sensation as from a splinter), sensitivity to touch and aggravation from dry wind/air.

When reading about this remedy more closely in several MM, I found a reference in Allen's Handbook stating the use of it for inflammation of the tarsal glands (Meibomean glands, with the ducts' openings on the rim of the lid): the very type of gland that seemed affected in my case.

Therefore, the remedy I tried on the third day, was Hepar sulphuris calcareum (Hep) - resulting in the swelling reducing swiftly, pain/discomfort gone, and I generally felt better than I had the last few days!

When an eye is affected one can, as I did, experience:

  • Headache from over-exertion of the healthy eye, and squinting from the affected one (which I covered with an eyepatch part of the time)
  • General weariness while the body focuses on keeping the injury/inflammation at bay (and working on healing it)
  • Poorer sleep due to restlessness from the discomfort

The first good sign of Hep fitting my state well, was the sudden urge to go for a walk in the woods near our house: after days of "hiding" inside, sheltered from direct sunlight and irritating wind into my eye.

When experiencing a positive shift in energy, in addition to the main symptoms getting better, one can be quite confident of having hit the bull's eye!

Hurray! Similar situations, with ailments that feel within the scope of addressing oneself, are what I aim at assisting Hobby-Homoeopaths with when preparing resources.

All the remedies referred to above have been or will be covered on the platform. If you wish to learn more about them - and get them for your own stock in case the need arises - you are welcome to browse the resource pages!