Marianne’s homeopathy @Bergasut Vestre

Marianne is moving her homeopathy activities from Brumunddal city centre ---> up to Bergaust Vestre.

You can find the address and link to the map-position on this page.

In my musings below I reflect upon moving my homeopathy activities and offerings home. You also find practical info for how to get to Bergaust Vestre, under "logistics"

Why is Marianne moving?

After two years at Doktorgården it feels right to bring my clinical practice to my favourite place: home to Bergaust Vestre, my home for the past few years.

  • Individuals who come to me for homeopathy-services can no benefit from the calm environment close to nature: without disturbances from what takes place in the waiting room/other practitioners
  • It is possible to combine a session with me with e.g. a hike up to the top of Bjørgeberget - the footpath starts at the end of the fields behind the building where the consultation takes place
  • I only accept homeopathy-visitors when I know we will be undisturbed
  • Many who book sessions with me prefer online-consultations via Zoom, so I might as well sit at my favourite spot

It feels right to share of my homeopathy knowledge here in the open terrain, close to nature. With the swallows living in the upper parts of the building; the lilacs framing the view to Mjøsa and Brumunddal; the forests and fields ...

... to me this is far more favourable to a room in a busy building - even though it means a little longer journey for some of my visitors.


The hills are easy-peasy on an electric bike, but if you want som exercise it is doable also by regular bike!

The busses up to Fossumfeltet snuplass depart about once every 30 minutes in the time period I receive visitors. The bus ride is about 6 minutes according to entur - you can search for the bus routes corresponding with your appointment. From the bus stop it is a 10 minutes stroll up the gravel/dirt road to Bergaust Vestre: check the Google maps/the map on first, so you know where to go!

The easiest, naturally, is arriving by car. It takes less than 10 minutes (same us the bus) to drive from Brumunddal city centre up to Bergaust Vestre. You can park along the lilac hedge leading to the grand old building, or on the courtyard below (by the barn) - and walk the last metres up the lawn to the timber building.

When you round the corner of a brown-red barn on your right side; with another barn straight in front of you, with Bergaust Vestre written on the wall; and you eye the old building from the 18th century a bit further up; you know you have arrived to the right place!

Struggling to find the way? Not sure if you have come to the right place? Want company for the last stretch?

Phone me, and I will come to greet you along the way!

This is where I live, this is where I thrive

Because I can - and because I wish to - I open the doors of Bergaust Vestre (only by appointment, though).

I have ventured up-stream for many years now. My prioritising increasingly follows my gut feelingintuition and heart - and decreasingly abides by dogmatic norms and society's expectations.


As I am creating my own arena, that I myself decide the shape and form of, I am giving myself free rains!

And I am no less serious about what I do:

I have goalsvisionsplansdreams - whereof several are shared with my life-partner, and connected to the place we live.

As creating man and woman we have to be patient regarding our dreams for the future: which for me means full focus on the homeopathy-guidance I offer, the course resources I have come far in providing (and guiding Hobby-Homeopaths through), as well as communicating everything I deem as crucial to be as naturally healthy as can be.

I know I need to reach people in a genuine way, that at the same time feels right to me, if I am to succeed. I hope everyone who come to see me still experience it this way - even though they, for now, are led through our living room to reach my homeopathy-corner (until consultation room with a separate entrance is in place, in the future).

Nature-addict (dreamer)

For me personally there are many advantages of operating from home!

I can fully take advantage of the breaks in between sessions: a hike in the woods, watering the kitchen garden, make myself a smoothie, cuddle the cat when she comes by, add a few pieces to a jigsaw puzzle ...

All this helps me to touch base between appointments; clear my head; recharge my batteries frequently during the day - to be more productive in everything I choose to spend time on.

When I feel better I can also be of greater assistance to those who come to see me!

Also, the "wrapping" of my homeopathy-activities, is no less than stunning here at Bergaust Vestre.

Maybe, in the future, we can also offer time in our sauna as part of the naturally-healthy package; when my loving partner has finished building it - and complementary facilities are in place in the future?