Homeopathy - for who?


For whom is homeopathy a good choice?

Often, the people who seek homeopathic treatment have "tried everything else" for their ailments, or they want homeopathy as a supplement to other ongoing treatment(s). The symptom pictures can be complex, which demands patience and determination from the patient.

On the other hand, people who have grown up with natural therapies, and are used to seek these natural approaches; these people often go see their homeopath before their symptoms have gotten a strong hold on them.

In the following sections I will describe some advantageous features of patients to whom homeopathy is a good choice. If you want to know more, or still have questions; you can see this section with frequently asked questions about homeopathy. And, if you still have questions, feel free to get in touch with me! 🙂

Choosing homeopathy alongside/in favour of other alternatives

What kind of ailments can I see a homeopath for?

Complaints that patients often seek homeopathic treatment for, range from a whole spectrum of possible issues: digestive disorders, sleep disturbance, musculoskeletal disorders, sensitivities towards their environment/surroundings, emotional and mental challenges, infections, weakened immune system, aches and pains, skin disorders ... Homeopathy can address so much!

What I love about homeopathy, is the fact that it is a natural medicine that can encompass the most all health challenges that we encounter. It is the underlying pattern of the patient - how the symptoms are experienced, and the responses to stress/trauma - that forms the basis for which homeopathic medicine that is prescribed.

So, there is not one homeopathic remedy for one specific ailment: there is one indicated homeopathic medicine that suits you and your characteristic sensitivities and patterns, in your current state.

Ten patients presenting with the same diagnosis for e.g. a skin disorder, may be prescribed ten different homeoathic medicines by their homeopath: depending on their characteristic symptom pictures and individual experiences.

Homeopathy is safe to combine with other kinds of treatments, and will not conflict with other conventional medications that you may be taking. That being said: it is crucial that you consult your doctor before considering getting off your prescribed medication! When you start feeling better in the course of homeopathic treatment, you may well want to visit your doctor to discuss reducing your conventional medication - but, please do this under your doctor's supervision.

Taking responsibility for your own health - taking part in your own process

What should I consider before seeing a homeopath?

In today's modern society everything tends to have a high pace. We want things to happen swiftly, also when it comes to our health: we want a quick fix - one pill that removes the problem instantly, so that we are not hindered when going about our daily lives.

But it does not necessarily work that way regarding our health. If we have had an ailment for a longer period of time, that we might have postponed to address - or maybe we have "covered it up" with simpler and quicker means at hand; well, these ailments may have gotten a strong hold on us. To address the root of these issues may take time:

Homeopathy is experienced differently from person to person. In some, a quicker response to the medicine is observed, and a few months of treatment may suffice to bring about the reestablishment of balance: with regular follow-ups for the adjustment of prescription and dosage (I am not happy before we are sure that a healthy inner balance is restored!).

In others it takes longer for the true amelioration to be recognised. The changes can be more subtle, en the layers of issues that have taken hold over time must be peeled off one by one. The homeopathic medicine decides both the pace and intensity of the process: along with your body's constitution.

You have the lead role in your life. With homeopathy as a means, you can chose to take responsibility for your own health: if you are ready to invest time and determination into the process - and what you need in order to reestablish health and wellbeing. If you have had your complaints for a short while, you can expect changes quicker; but if you have had them for long, maybe even years/your whole life - you will have to be more patient. Positive changes will be noticed within weeks (with a well-prescribed homeopathic remedy) - but it may take longer before we can conclude the treatment.

How to get the most from homeopathic treatment

What does the homeopath expect from me?

For me to be able to help you the best I can, I need you to decide on the following:

  • To attend the initial consultation open-minded and ready for strange and unusual questions: I ask about stuff that you might not be used to from a health professional.
  • Be prepared for (at least) a couple of follow-ups. I need to monitor your responses to the prescribed homeopathic medicines closely, to know whether I have chosen the right one for you; in the right dose and potency (strength). It is very frustrating to not know how you are doing, when I am so eager to help you! I will never know whether I have conveyed the appropriate homeopathic stimulus to you or not, if you don't give me feedback.
  • Be patient! The reason why I leave 2-4 weeks in between each follow-up, is that the homeopathic remedy can work on you for several weeks - even months - often without clearly deducible changes at first. I will advice a frequency for the follow-ups depending on the kinds of symptoms you have, and your overall state. And: I don't always succeed in prescribing the best homeopathic remedy for you on the first attempt. There are thousands of homeopathic medicines: even though I have several great measures and tools at hand, there may have been pieces of the puzzle that I have not quite understood well enough yet. I will need to ask more in the next consultation, and adjust the prescription according to what I learn about you then. I am not happy before you experienced marked positive changes!
  • Get in touch with me when you feel the need to. Do you have questions along the treatment? Would you like to share with me what is going on with you and your body after having taking the prescribed remedy? Do you have questions about the instructions and information that I have sent you? Please call/text/e-mail me! I cannot help you as well as I wish, if I do not know what is going on for you in between the consultations.
  • Take the necessary measures that you need to take care of your health. You know yourself best. Respect your needs. Are there aspects that you struggle to change? I am happy to advice you or listen. I may have tips that have proven beneficial for myself or people I know - or I may know someone else who can help with the particular issue that you are struggling with, if I am not qualified to help.

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