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Teaching Group 33 (TG33) embarked upon their homeopathic journey together September 2013. We had various levels of experience with homeopathy, and were an exciting group of different people. As in most study-courses, some took a year out and a few left the course; but most of us kept going all the way to graduation.

The School of Homeopathy arranges homeopathic provings in the third year, as part of the course. This serves as an important part of the learning: for understanding homeopathic remedies and deepening our knowledge of the process that reveals all that we know about these magical medicines. Also, the proving is our contribution to homeopathy - another remedy mapped to be used for ameliorating people's health issues.

Homeopathic provings are the mapping out of homeopathic medicines. The organisers of the proving decides which substance (derived from plants, minerals and animals) to be prepared homeopathically (see this film to understand how this is done). The provers take the substance in potentised form, without knowing what it is. For a certain time period (often 3 months) all provers observe closely all changes that happen after taking the remedy. At our school, the third-years are the provers. Each provers is assigned a proving-supervisor: a fourth year who has been through a proving in their third year. The proving-supervisors help, support and guide the provers through the mapping of the new homeopathic medicine - a process that can be quite demanding and overwhelming.



Holly Homeopaths

When it was TG33's turn to carry out a homeopathic proving, the chosen substance turned out to be Holly. This was of course revealed to us at proving's close, after all the documentation was completed. The homeopathic medicine, as with all homeopathic medicines, affected each of us differently - according to our individual susceptibilities. Still, there were common features to be recognised, that tied all the various themes of the remedy together.

Even though Holly worked on/with/through us in different ways, the characteristics common to Holly as a homeopathic remedy still became a shared experienced among us; an intimate process that tied our group even closer together.

Actually, at some point during our journey, our group was assigned the nickname "Holly Homeopaths": and that has stuck with us.

Holly Homeopaths stay in touch, even though we are spread out in several countries. We meet for Continued Professional Development (CPD), participating in seminars and workshops. Also, we keep each other up to date with our ongoings: as therapists and as friends. Most important, we continue to support each other on our journeys - just like we did through our incredible journey at The School of Homeopathy. Want to know more about each member of Holly Homeopaths? Click the button below! 😀

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The School of Homeopathy publishes its provings here. They are available for free to anyone who wants to read them. Also, you can find details about provings conducted by other faculty members at the school. When the Holly proving is written out in full, you can find that too - by clicking the above link.

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Jenny Grist's lovely booklet is easy to read, and beautifully explains homeopathy in a simple way. And, it's free! 😀

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