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HHA10-year anniversary!

– The above image is from HHA’s newsletter

Tomorrow, Saturday 17th November, Homeopathy for Health in Africa celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary!

I would like to mark their anniversary by spreading the word about their important work.

As you may have noticed, Ringsaker Homeopati donates 5% of surplus each year to HHA – and not half-heartedly: HHA’s work, offering homeopathic treatment for people suffering from HIV and AIDS in Eastern Africa, is highly significant. As part of their work they educate enthusiastic locals in the arts of homeopathy, and there are many homeopaths from around the world who volunteer for the organisation for shorter/longer periods of time. I want to do that some time in the future, too!


Who runs HHA?

HHA came to Tanzania 17th November 2008 – ten years ago. The organisation was founded by the world-known homeopath Jeremy Sherr, and his wife – also a homeopath – Camilla Sherr. They have built the organisation together, and brought more people on the team: both local and international forces. You car read more about the people running HHA here.


How does HHA carry out their work?

HHA does not interfere with ongoing treatment that their patients are currently undergoing: quite the opposite! They collaborate with local doctors and nurses, who often refer their patients to HHA for integrative treatment alongside the conventional interventions.

The result is a close cooperation across medical practices, for the advantage of the patient. Health practitioners and locals are taught homeopathy, and homeopathic clinics are set up locally. This way homeopathy is spread around Tanzania and areas nearby – and there is a constructive collaboration between the existing health services and homeopathy. You can find more information about HHA’s goal here.


HHA’s calendar

Every year I order HHA’s calendar: for myself, for my clinic and for my loved ones.

If you want to order your own lovely calendar, for yourself – or maybe as a Christmas gift for friends and family – you can do so here:

Hvert år bestiller jeg kalenderen til HHA – til meg selv, til klinikken min og til mine kjære here.


Why has Ringsaker Homeopati chosen HHA as receiver of donations?

Homeopath Marianne lived in Tanzania as a child. As a result I feel a connection to the country, and I have also visited Tanzania (and other countries in Eastern Africa) a couple of times as a grown-up. There is something about the atmosphere, smells, people and nature that triggers an experience of admiration and magic. The culture is colourful, and the people so expressive! Living with the bare necessities might be underrated (as long as the basic needs are covered) – when observing the joy and peace in the faces of people living alongside the nature and their surroundings.

As mentioned I wish to volunteer for HHA sometime. And, I think their work is super-exciting: both considering the documentation they collect on homeopathy’s effectiveness, and their collaboration with the official health services of the country.


An article about HHA

Below is a link for an article about HHA, published in “Homeopathy Today”:


Enjoy 🙂