Do you know anyone who needs homeopathy?

By them a gift card! 

An initial conultation, or a follw-up - if the person in question has been to Ringsaker Homeopati before.

Send  an e-mail to write who the gift card is for (full name) and what service you wish to give him/her.

You will receive the gift card by e-mail when it is ready.

You can also get it by post (to address in Norway), or collect it at the clinic.

The gift card i valid for one year from the date you buy it, or from e.g. the receivers birthday: if so you have to include that in your order-e-mail. 

The gift card is non-refundable. It can change owner, if you or the recipient let me know in writing.

Front of gift card

Back of gift card

The price of gift card 

The price is the same as for the chosen service.

If the gift card is to be sent by post an additional fee of NOK 39 is added to the price.

Which means,

Gift card initial consultation NOK 989 (by post NOK 1028)

Gift card follow-up consultation NOK 589 (by post NOK 628)

Det recipient books an appointment, and mentions "gift card as payment" in the comment field.

Ringsaker Homeopati will write the recipient's name on the gift card, if other instructions are not included in the order.

As mentioned, you can not give the gift card to anyone else than the one you name in your order - unless you (or the recipient) give written notice with the new owners name. The gift card is personal, you see 😉

Jenny Grist's lovely booklet is easy to read, and beautifully explains homeopathy in a simple way. And, it's free! 😀

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