Consultations take place in person, online via Zoom or over the phone.

Description of terms and course of treatment can be found here.

Short chat

Value NOK 333

Intro chat (30 min)

A shorter chat (max 30 min) for addressing any questions you may have

For addressing your ongoing process, book a full homoeopathy consultation

Initial consultation

Value NOK 2 222

First consultation homoeopathy (90 min)

Max 90 min, with holistic mapping of your state of health

Recommended homoeopathic medicine is communicated to you later

(I usually spend 4-6 hours on analysis in relation to our session, which may be spread over a few days)


Value NOK 1 333

Consultation homoeopathy (60 min)

Assessment of ongoing process with homoeopathy (max 60 min)

Changes are considered when we agree on the path going forwards

(I usually spend 2-4 hours working on your case, in relation our session)

Acute consultation

Value NOK 1 333

Consultation homoeopathy (60 min)

For ailments not part of an underlying chronic/longterm pattern (max 60 min)

Not for emergencies: if in doubt, you are not in doubt

(I usually spend 2-3 hours working on your case, in relation to our session)

Guidance hobby-homoeopathy

Value NOK 1 111

Guidance & support (60 min)

For hobby-homoeopaths wanting guidance 1:1 (max 60 min)

Please include "Hobby-Homoeopathy" in the comment-section on booking

Workshops & events

Value per participant varies

Sign up for/set up your own workshops with me

If I have scheduled a workshop, you are welcome to sign up to join!

If you wish to set up your own event with me, fill out the form at the bottom of this page

The given values are those that I feel match the time and efforts I gift you with

(A lot of my efforts for those booking homoeopathy consultations take place outside of the actual session, with analysis and research into indicated remedies)

I expect a donation in return for the work that I put in for you, but acknowledge that each of us have our own circumstances to consider: I invite you to allow your own integrity and life-situation guide you when choosing the value that you gift me - whether less, more or exactly the indicative value I present

I will not question your donation, and I will gift you my utmost efforts as outlined in the description of my services - no matter your capacity for donating (as long as I am able to sustain my offerings)

If you wish to offer other kinds of value (apart from money) in return for my services, please include this as a comment on booking, and I will get back to you on whether I wish to accept this or not