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The course of the treatment: the confirmation e-mail

When you have completed your first booking with Ringsaker Homeopati, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. There you will find a link to a form that it is important that you fill out as soon as you find the time, so that I can go through it before we meet. Return it as an attachment in a message when you are logged into your client account in the booking system - not by e-mail, as that's not a secure enough channel for imparting personal and sensitive information. The messages in the booking system are encrypted and secure.

Initial consultation

I will come find you in the waiting room (2nd floor, Doktorgården). Then I will tell you about what the homeopathic treatment will entail: depending on your experience and knowledge of homeopathy. Based on the patient form that you have returned to me, I will have some idea of how the course of treatment may play out for you. I will inquire into your own expectations for the treatment, and share mine with you. When I feel sure that we have a mutual and realistic expectation for the way forward, we will start the consultation. I will ask you about all aspects of your complaints, and other aspects of you that will be helpful when choosing a homeopathic medicine for you later. We decide on a day and time for the follow-up consultation (in about 3 weeks time).

If you have booked a Skype(/Zoom) consultation, we will hopefully have found each other there already; and I will ring you up for a video-chat when it's time for the appointment. It is great if you have checked already that your internet is stable, and that your microphone+camera is working. Also, make sure that you have a quiet and peaceful place all to yourself for the next 1,5 hours or so!

The prescription

After the initial consultation (and follow-ups) I will spend some time working on the information that I have gathered about you. This can be quite time-consuming at times, and it may take a few days before I decide on a prescription for you - especially when my days are busy. I don't want to rush the decision of which homeopathic medicine to prescribe for you: it is of great importance that the remedy is the best possible match, for it to be a best possible working-partner for body. When I have decided I will phone you (if in Norway), before sending a message to you in the journal-/booking system; you will get an alert by e-mail that there is a message for you. In the message you will find instructions and information about which homeopathic medicine to get, and how to take it.

As soon as you have gotten hold of the homeopathic medicine

You will let me know when you have bought/received the prescribed homeopathic medicine, and are ready to take it. I will take note of the date in your patient records, and we consider whether our set time for the follow-up is still good: if there is still 2-3 weeks left, we will leave it as it is. We might have agreed upon som intermittent shorter chats in-between the consultations: either by phone, Skype/Zoom or at the clinic. These are 15-20 minute chats, preferably 1-1,5 weeks after you have taken the remedy - or, at weekly intervals. These are great opportunities for me to keep in touch with you, and guide you if there are things you wonder about after having taken the remedy. Also, I get an impression of how the homeopathic medicine is working with you at that time; and you can tell me what you have experienced so far. It is my experience that patients value these talks, as 3-4 weeks can be a long time to pass between every time we see each other.

The follow-up

In the follow-up consultation I will start with asking what it has been like for you after taking the prescribed homeopathic medicine. When we have gone through everything that you may have noticed, I will further make sure that we have addressed all the symptoms and complaints that you told me about in the previous consultation. If there hasn't been much of a change, it's not the end of the road: now that I know you better, and you are more familiar with the treatment, it will be easier for me to ask about the aspects that I still need a deeper understanding of; and you may be more at ease with sharing your sensitivities with me. I am not pleased until I have found a homeopathic remedy that truly and deeply resonates with you characteristics! And, unfortunately, I don't always get it right the first time.

Actually, it happens that changes have occurred, but so subtly and gradually that you might not even notice. That's one of the reasons for me going through what you have previously told me: often the patient expresses something in the line of "actually, I haven't had that since taking the remedy!", or "I said that? No, I can't even remember that as an issue"; or "when you mention it, (this and that) has actually become somewhat better".

The course onwards

Most likely, we will need follow-ups at 3-week intervals for the first couple of months (at least). Then, when I have prescribed a homeopathic medicine for you that suits your symptom picture well, we will continue to keep in touch and schedule follow-ups; but gradually they will be needed less frequently. Sometimes you will be prescribed the same homeopathic remedy again and again. Other times, I will conclude that the homeopathic medicine is still at work, and we will wait before considering repeating the remedy (we don't want to disturb the process that your body and the remedy are in the middle of). The symptom picture sometimes changes or shifts somewhat after the homeopathic remedy has worked (with your body) through aspects of your ailments - so that you will be prescribed another/the next indicated homeopathic medicine. Your health issues may be presenting as layer upon layer, that need to be "peeled off" one by one by different homeopathic remedies; or, there may be one homeopathic medicine that encompasses all the layers (which will be repeated now and then, as long as there is a lingering need for it).

Completion of the treatment

When you feel that there is nothing left for the homeopathic medicine to work on, we will (happily!) declare the treatment concluded. It is still a good idea to schedule a follow-up in 3 months time, to ensure that there isn't any lingering issues resurfacing as the time passes - with the need of repeating the homeopathic prescription. It is a lot better to relinquish the underlying imbalances thoroughly, before they get a sound grip on you (again)! Then, if everything is stable and no symptoms have resurfaced, we will schedule a follow-up in 6 months time: if everything is still perfectly fine, we can decide on yearly appointments/"check-ups" - to stay in touch and keep your patient records updated with everything that goes on for you. This way you can feel safe that I am at least somewhat updated on your situation if you were to experience new health challenges - whether acute or chronic ones.

The acute consultation

When acute health challenges occur, that you don't experience at regular intervals and that aren't part of an underlying chronic pattern, the acute consultation is appropriate. If you haven't been to Ringsaker Homeopati before, you need to fell out the patient form you get access to in the confirmation e-mail; se the section further up, "The course of the treatment: the confirmation e-mail".

If you are not in a state to come to the clinic, or live far away, you can book a Skype consultation. You can also ring me to schedule the appointment (I am reachable for inquiries by phone between 9 am - 15 pm, as long as I'm not busy with a patient). During the consultation I will ask about your symptoms, how you experience the symptoms, and about your overall state. Then I will advice you of which homeopathic remedies to buy at the pharmacy: there may be more than one, to save you many trips to the pharmacy when you are feeling poorly - in case the first remedy chosen doesn't do the trick.

As part of this acute appointment I will stay in touch with you until we have found a homeopathic medicine that ameliorates your symptoms, and to help advice you of when/how often to repeat the remedy. If you have a stack of the most used homeopathic medicines for acute situations at home, that would be best! It would make it a lot easier for the both of us 😉 If you want to get started on putting together your very own homeopathy-first-aid-kit, I have put together a free guide here (in Norwegian).

Home visits

Ringsaker Homeopati offers home visits upon agreement. An addition of 19% of regular prices is applied.

Would you like a home visit? Call before you make an appointment. Or, write in the comment section when booking the appointment - and I will get in touch with you to make sure it fits my schedule.

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