Initial consultation

Value kr 1 189 (minimum kr 889)

Initial consultation (50-90 min): mapping of your health condition, with a thorough and holistic approach.

Recommendation of homoeopathic medicine is communicated to you later


Value kr 689 (minimum kr 489)

Assessment of ongoing process with homoeopathy (20-45 min)

Changes are considered when we agree on the path going forwards

Acute consultation

Value kr 689 (minimum kr 489)

Via Zoom (online), phone or in person (20-45 min).

For ailments not part of an underlying chronic/longterm pattern

Not for emergencies: if in doubt, you are not in doubt

Short chat

Value kr 289 (minimum kr 189)

A short chat (10 min) for information about homoeopathy, and questions/advice in-between the follow-ups